Aligning remote teams for successful email campaign execution

With the ongoing global health emergencies, home is becoming the headquarters for most of our work. The continued emphasis on working remotely is largely shaping the way teams digitally collaborate, coordinate, and comply on KPIs and outcomes.

So, what does this mean in the case of your email marketing campaigns—something that involves the contribution of cross-sectional teams? If you’re a marketer, sales person, designer, or a rep concerned deeply about the best way to realign your email marketing campaign goals owing to remote work, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we discuss the essence of shared responsibilities in tasks like setting up email design systems and running marketing campaigns, and we show how Zoho Campaigns can help you conveniently and steadily execute your email marketing functions in the advent of working from home and other remote places.

Breaking the email process down

 Every email marketing campaign is the collective labor of a team of individuals. Partitioning the email creation and execution process, we need individuals to take care of:

Copywriting: Deciding the best content that fits the current campaign. Understanding the theme that needs to be delivered and creating content that suits the plan.

Design: From working on template layouts to structuring the content into design, visualizing the process is key. 

Testing: Previewing the rendering of emails on multiple device and in client inboxes.

Marketing and Sales: Marketing team works on ideating the campaign and its messaging, gauging and finalizing the target audience, getting the right content-design mix through constant coordination, and scheduling the campaign at the right time. And, most often, the sales team works together with marketers in understanding the post-performance metrics and planning follow-up actions and campaigns.

All the functions and individuals are co-dependant on each other in such a way that the whole journey isn’t a linear process but a feedback-looped pipeline.

remote working email marketing

So how can teams achieve this balance remotely for the next few weeks without disrupting their email marketing plans?

Here are some quick things that can increase team involvement:

Using the right set of features: Before sending email campaigns, understanding some shortcuts and handy features in your email marketing software greatly helps. So, from designers to marketers, ensure everyone knows the specific tools and reporting functionalities of the software you use.

Building an email design system: For deciding your branding theme and choosing the right components, font styles, and newsletter layout, a repository bank with suitable designs and typography specifications can let you set up email marketing for any occasion.

Assigning deliverables clearly: With the work of many individuals combined, having a multi-user setup, with each person finishing a particular component of email creation, speeds up the whole process. And your software should definitely accommodate this multiple access flexibly.  

Zoho Campaigns for remote teams to plan, implement, and review email marketing tasks

In the event of a team working remotely, here’s a set of useful features from Zoho Campaigns to help you deliver the best campaign with the least hassles:

Roles and Privileges

To start with, using our user control permissions, you can conveniently assign each person of the team the role that they’ll be taking on while using Zoho Campaigns. This makes sure that each of them can simultaneously complete their part of work in executing the email campaign process without hindering others’ work.  

For example, you can assign a ‘Designer’ role and give them access to only the creative editor and template sections of the software so they can conveniently work on the things that are of their concern.

email marketing zoho campaigns roles and privileges

Library and folders

Banners, GIFs, images, thumbnails, testimonials, newsletter layouts—any creative content you want to include in your campaigns can be uploaded to the image and template library well ahead of time so you just need to pull them into your layout while using them.

Also, through our integration with Giphy, Unsplash, Bigstock, Flickr, and Google Photos, you can import the creative of your choice, whenever needed, without prior uploading. Additionally, you can also add different mailing lists, campaigns, images, and everything associated, into unique folders, accessible by all team members.

email marketing zoho campaigns library

email marketing zoho campaigns templates library

Bookmark in editor

The ‘bookmark’ component in our campaign editor helps any user (say the copywriter) select and save certain portions (for example: a CTA button or a banner image) of a layout to a built-in library so those portions can be used by anyone (say the designer or marketer) while trying to realign and finalize the campaign design.

 This helps you save time by just incorporating the repetitive and required elements in a drag-and-drop manner.

bookmark email marketing zoho campaigns

bookmark email marketing zoho campaigns

HTML upload and import content

If your team has already worked on HTML code, we give you options to simply upload it and any image files directly into the template editor. And, to help fetch content and creative files from the cloud, our import option enables you to connect with in-house (Zoho WorkDrive) and external applications (Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and Box).

html import email marketing zoho campaigns


Marketing calendar

Having a team calendar lets you not just mark the important dates—the marketing calendar from Campaigns helps you add quick events and select holiday patterns, as well as creating reminder notifications, shortcuts for campaign creation, and so on. All your campaign dates and statuses (sending in progress/sent/scheduled) are marked on respective dates so you get a clear picture of your campaign goals anytime.

email marketing calendar zoho campaigns

email marketing calendar zoho campaigns

Content review and approval

To have a team that’s synced with each other’s updates on email creation, Campaigns offers an approval system. Select the approver(s) of the account and the ones who need approval for task completion. This way, your manager and team mentors can easily be updated about campaign progress when working remotely.

content review Zoho campaigns email marketing 

Email sending policy

It’s important not to overlook the frequency of email engagement for your brand, especially while everyone is coordinating from different places. The ’email limit’ option within Zoho Campaigns lets you decide the number of emails (combined from all the users) to be sent from the account on behalf of your brand.

This way, you can ensure that your subscribers receive just the right number of emails, and you don’t end up being a spammer.

email sending policy email marketing zoho campaigns

Internal notification in automated workflows

When you set up automated messages, we help you receive notifications about how the workflow is performing and whether your leads have completed certain actions. Using our ‘internal notification email’ component, you can set up a message that can be triggered to the team members about your lead nurturing status at any stage of a workflow.

zoho campaigns email marketing workflow

Analytics and list export

After sending a campaign, your reporting metrics and contact details can be shared with team members for the performance review. The data exported from Zoho Campaigns will be password-protected, offering you complete security and reliability.

analytics export email marketing zoho campaigns

reports email marketing zoho campaigns

Mobile and Apple TV apps

Zoho Campaigns prepares you for the on-the-go email experience by providing iOS and Android mobile apps. Adding contacts, scheduling campaigns, and looking through reports—do everything from wherever you are.

Additionally, our Apple TV app helps the team when gathering for video conferencing calls. Project the campaign results through the TV and discuss the outcomes.

mobile app email marketing zoho campaigns

tv app zoho campaigns email marketing

We hope this remote working experience turns out to be well-organized and well-coordinated for all email marketers out there. Feel free to send your questions to, at any time.

Our DMs on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are open too—just drop in your thoughts, and we’ll get connected.  

Happy remote campaigning!

~ Team Zoho Campaigns


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