Announcing Zoho Campaigns' new integration with Zoho Meeting

Webinar email marketing

Emails remain the biggest driver of audience for many online events, and it is no different for webinars. Not only does email bring in webinar attendees, it also helps you nurture them through the sales funnel. To help you realize this benefit and drive more webinar engagements, Zoho Campaigns now integrates with Zoho Meeting – our in-house webinar software.

Why the Zoho Campaigns – Zoho Meeting integration?

The bulk of your email subscribers are people who are interested in your products or services. Webinars offer a great chance to educate your audience about how your business caters to their needs. If a person sets aside an hour or two to listen to what you’ve got to say, they could be your next potential customer. With effective follow-ups, they could well become your customer.

However, manually importing the webinar attendees’ data to your email lists is a tedious process. And it becomes even tougher when you run multiple webinars for multiple regions.

With the new Zoho Campaigns – Zoho Meeting integration, this problem is solved. Promote, manage, and measure your webinar success in one convenient place through powerful synchronization.

What do you get from this integration? 

1. Ready-to-use email templates 

Get the word out about your webinar to your audience with the help of aesthetic email templates. Use the drag-and-drop campaign editor to customize email templates according to your needs.

2. Instant synchronization of data

First, create the webinar registration link using Zoho Meeting. Second, share the link with your subscribers through emails, or embed it across your website, blog, or community platform. The moment a registration happens via the link, the registrant’s name and email address get imported to the associated mailing list. There’s no need for any manual intervention. What’s more, the sync segments your webinar attendees individually so that you could engage them with sales-focused campaigns.

3. Easy follow-ups 

This integration simplifies the task of sending follow-up emails to your registrants. As the data between Campaigns and Meeting syncs immediately, you can send out quick welcome and reminder emails to every registrant using autoresponders. You can also do post-webinar follow-up activities like sending thank you emails, sharing webinar recordings, and more.

 4. Detailed reports 

Track how well your target audience is responding to your webinar promotions with real-time data, and stay ahead of the curve.

We have an online guide that can help you learn more about this integration.

Webinars are a great way to drive sales if done right. Try the new Zoho Campaigns – Zoho Meeting integration and share your thoughts with us.



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