Boost your holiday sales with these 5 email marketing tips

For many businesses, the holiday shopping period is critical for generating revenue and garnering brand awareness. With the annual sales spike quickly approaching, businesses are planning new promotions and targeting their marketing efforts on customer appreciation. But even if your business does not directly profit from the holidays, you can still lean on the ubiquitous hype of the season to get creative with your email campaigns.

If you’re vying for a piece of the sales pie this season, you have to compete with the 55% of brands using email as a top communication channel for promotions and lead nurturing. Make sure your content stands out by using these gifts from us – more timely tips to help jump-start your email campaigns:1

Tip 1: Create holiday-only mailing lists

Consider assigning a separate mailing list for your holiday messages. Include a sign-up form on your website or blog specifically for seasonal emails. This draws more attention to your promotions and also guarantees that you’re reaching those subscribers who are most likely to use your offers. For these campaigns, design your own unique holiday template or use one from our template gallery.

Tip 2: Promote2

Provide special incentives for subscribers who have not yet become customers. Include links or promo codes for limited-time offers, free shipping or special discounts for online (vs. in-store) purchases. Coupon Campaigns generate unique coupon codes and can help attract new buyers. Take advantage of our Shopify integration to showcase items from your online store. Track orders and total sales, and directly engage your customers with exclusives for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday.

And don’t forget to thank your repeat customers for their loyalty. While they may not require incentives to purchase, they will still appreciate a “thank you” discount. Customize these promotions based on their buying patterns and interests (that’s what your CRM is for!).

Tip 3: Keep promoting

Go beyond your first email. Set up Autoresponders to stay in touch with your leads and customers over the next several weeks to remind them about your special offers. Amidst the chaos of running around during the holidays, many recipients may not see your campaign the first time around. So for those who do not open your first email, prepare a chain campaign as a second attempt to stay in contact.

One size (campaign) doesn’t fit all

Sending emails is like giving gifts – not everyone is going to love what they receive. But don’t get discouraged if your initial open rates are low or few recipients click on your content. It’s important to experiment and try different versions of your campaigns. With A/B Campaigns, you can send Content A to Audience A and Content B to Audience B and see which performs better. In addition to the content, the type of campaign you send will also make a difference in how it’s received. And that leads us to the next two tips:

Tip 4: Think mobile

This time last year, mobile viewing of emails reached a high of 51%. It’s safe to assume the majority of your customers will be reading your campaigns on the go. Keep your content short and sweet, attract their attention with a catchy and relevant subject line (i.e. “You’re invited to a holiday soiree!”) and take advantage of responsive design to ensure the formatting fits smartphone and tablet viewing.

Tip 5: Get social

Expand the reach of your campaigns by posting to social media. Especially during the holidays, your audience will be locked to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, scanning for exclusive shopping offers. So instead of relying solely on the inbox to showcase your content, try offering social-friendly promotions to widen the audience of your campaigns.

Enhance your campaigns with videos. Link to YouTube or Vimeo, using media tags available in Zoho Campaigns, and engage your audience with something out of the ordinary. Again, your email campaigns can be your greatest asset during the year-end rush, so connect with your social audience and amp up your regular email routine.

So whether you’re an e-retailer who relies on sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday or a freelancer who wants to send holiday greetings to your favorite clients, take advantage of the online tools available to make the most of your email communication. Increase your sales, reach out to new leads, and show appreciation for your loyal customer base. And don’t forget to check out our Zoho Campaigns Mobile App for iPhone, so you can monitor the progress of your campaigns on the go – even when you’re out doing last minute shopping!

Happy Promoting!



3 Replies to Boost your holiday sales with these 5 email marketing tips

  1. It is a very helpful blog Sarah! I can use those tips of yours in marketing our products. I hope that It will double our sales this month.

  2. It is a very helpful blog Sarah! I can use those tips of yours in marketing our products. I hope that It will double our sales this month.

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