4 Easy Steps to Seal the Deal Using Zoho Writer


Nowadays a growing number of business deals are taking place digitally. The two major factors – Time and Money – are driving businesses to create, share, collaborate and seal the deals online, without having to resort to the traditional methods.

Scaling up to this trend, a number of software offering these online services are also mushrooming. While some offer a gallery of templates for easy content creation, others facilitate secure file sharing and digital signatures to make the process easier. In real, what every business needs is a tool which encompasses all these features into one.

Zoho Writer is one such tool that helps you to create content online, collaborate in real-time, and finalize deals digitally. Here’s how:

#1 Create Rich Content

Content is the most important part of contract negotiations. While many businesses stick to standard templates, few opt for creating customized templates designed for specific needs. Regardless of the need, Zoho Writer, with its advanced set of features, enables each user to create professional contracts in no time. It allows you to import documents from various formats into Zoho Writer, or pull templates from the template library to add data fields right away. Any fresh contract created can also be saved to the public library for reference or future use.

#2 Invite not Send Contracts

Why email contracts to stakeholder, when you can invite them to collaborate online? While bulky attachments and back and forth emailing can be time-consuming, collaborating makes the process far easier and faster.

With Zoho Writer, every document can be sent as links to people inside or outside your organization. Anyone with the link can easily access the file and collaborate, without having the need to create a Zoho account. Every file that is shared can be password protected to create a safer environment for collaboration. With the ability to set access privileges, it is very easy in Zoho Writer, to choose who can just view, edit or comment in your document.

#3 Collaborate Online

With Zoho Writer, you can collaborate in real-time with your partners or clients on the contract and reach decisions faster. Share messages with your clients/partners using the built-in chat, comments, and track changes as they are made. With the power of Track Changes, you can extensively collaborate with partners and clients and rapidly compare them to determine the changes. You can then later decide which changes to accept or reject, without modifying the original content. It also allows you to revert to an older version at any instance using Version History and start afresh.

#4 Seal the Deal

As digital signature is turning to be as legitimate as those made by hand, the need of printouts and fax machines have reduced drastically. Zoho Writer comes integrated with Adobe EchoSign that wipes out the need for scanning software, signature pads or digital certificates to get your document digitally signed. With a sign up at Adobe EchoSign, Zoho Writer allows you to send in documents, directly from the application window, for digital signature and get back the updated PDF in your EchoSign account. If the document is sent for signature to more than one person, after all the signatures are made, a final PDF copy is sent to each collaborator’s EchoSign account.

While Zoho Writer can save you quite a lot of time, it also goes easy on your pocket. It lets you avoid the hassle of personal meetings or downloading a thousand other software to work online. So, go online and make your contract negotiations an easy affair with Zoho Writer.


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