Why hatching a successful Easter email marketing strategy is important for your brand

With Easter just around the corner, marketers are gearing up for another round of seasonal email campaigns. If you're looking to boost your sales and engagement this Easter, email marketing is a tried and true method that shouldn't be overlooked. And with brands competing during the Easter holidays, you'll definitely need a strong email marketing strategy that sets you apart from the rest. In this blog, we'll walk you through the whys and hows of Easter email marketing for this year.

1. Increase customer engagement

Email marketing leading up to and during Easter can help increase customer engagement with your brand. By sending out emails that are relevant to the holiday, you can capture your customers' attention and encourage them to visit your website or make a purchase—or you can just let them know that you value them. There are a few features in Zoho Campaigns you can use to increase customer engagement, including the following:

  • Using Easter-themed email templates that make your emails more visually appealing and help your brand stand out during the season. Zoho Campaigns provides a variety of templates to choose from, and enables you to customize them to fulfill your brand's unique needs.

  • Personalizing your emails with each recipient's name, location, or past purchase history can help make them more relevant and engaging. Zoho Campaigns enables you to segment your email list and send targeted messages to specific groups of contacts.

  • You can use A/B testing to test different variations of your email promotions and determine which ones yield better engagement—i.e., clicks and opens. Easily set up A/B tests to try out different sender names, subject lines, and email content, and track the results, as well.

  • Interactive content, such as polls, surveys, and more, can make your emails more engaging and increase the time recipients spend interacting with your brand.

2. Holiday promotions

Easter is a short holiday that serves as an opportunity for marketers to offer special promotions and discounts. By sending out emails with exclusive Easter deals, you can entice your customers to make a purchase and drive sales.

  • Coupon campaigns in Zoho Campaigns help you offer exclusive Easter discounts or coupons to encourage recipients to make purchases or take other desired actions.

  • Setting up automated campaigns can save you time and help you stay on top of your holiday promotions. Create workflows that automatically send emails based on triggers like form submissions, list entries, email actions, purchase follow-ups, and more.

3. Improve brand awareness

By incorporating Easter-themed imagery and messaging into your email marketing, you can build brand awareness and increase brand recognition.

  • Including user-generated content (UGC) in your emails can help build social proof and showcase your brand's community. Zoho Campaigns enables you to incorporate customer reviews, social media posts, videos, and more in your email campaigns with ease.

  • Consistent messaging across your email campaigns can reinforce your brand identity and build trust with your contacts. Moreover, storytelling in your emails can help humanize your brand and make it more relatable to your contacts. If you've been sending promotional emails constantly, try sending a non-promotional Easter message this time. Using Zoho Campaigns' email template builder, you can do it all swiftly.

4. More personalization opportunities

Personalization opportunities in email marketing for Easter can help you create more effective holiday promotions by making them more relevant and engaging to your contacts. By using the features mentioned below, you can increase your open rates, click-through rates, and conversions, as well as build stronger relationships with your contacts.

  • Dynamic content enables you to personalize your emails based on contact data, such as location or past purchase history. For example, you can create different versions of an email promotion that features products/offers tailored to specific subscriber segments.

  • Personalizing your subject lines with the recipient's name or location can help increase open rates and engagement. Zoho Campaigns helps you personalize your subject line with emojis, first name, last name, and email address. Make sure to avoid wordplay cliches like "egg-citing," "eggstreme," or "eggscellent" in your subject lines, as people are tired of reading them.

  • If you're into ecommerce, recommending products or services based on the recipient's past purchase or browsing history can help increase engagement and sales. Zoho Campaigns' AI-backed product recommendations enable you to add unique and targeted product recommendations to your emails automatically.

Overall, Easter email marketing is an effective way to increase customer engagement, drive sales, and build brand awareness. By leveraging the holiday and incorporating relevant themes and promotions into your emails, you can create a memorable experience for your customers and encourage them to take action this Easter.

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  1. It is important to follow innovations and special days. More importantly, to use them as a marketing tool in the branding process. Thanks a lot for your nice blog post.

    1. Thank you Emma! Leveraging innovations and special days in branding is significant, indeed. Glad you liked the blog!

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