Introducing the Zoho Voice desktop app for Mac and PC

Following the release of our new call branding service, we are pleased to announce the launch of Zoho Voice’s desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Get advanced cloud telephony features and functionalities right on your desktop. The new Zoho Voice desktop client app offers an identical user experience as the web app along with the essential features to seamlessly manage all your calls, SMSs, voicemails, logs, and contacts in a distraction-free window.

All Zoho Voice users can download and access Zoho Voice via the Zoho Voice desktop app. All call-related configurations, like number purchase, credit purchase, call routing settings, SMS sender-id settings, and other configurations must be managed from Voice's web version, however. Choosing between the Zoho Voice desktop or web app is essentially a personal choice and you can switch between them at any time. Enhance your customer interaction experience with the Zoho Voice desktop app for Mac and PC.

Don't have the Zoho Voice desktop app yet? Install it now.

Handle calls without a browser

Embrace the freedom of accessing Zoho Voice without a browser.  Be prepared to make and receive calls while working on other desktop applications, without relying on your browser.

Stay focused

Launch Zoho Voice quickly from your dock or taskbar and run Zoho Voice in a distraction-free window.

Skip tab toggling

Reduce time-consuming tab toggling while juggling multiple apps with one dedicated intelligent desktop platform for Zoho Voice.

Stay signed in

Never worry about getting automatically logged out of Zoho Voice again. With the desktop app, you can access Zoho Voice's services as soon as you open the app. You'll also remain signed into the platform until you manually sign out.

Experience Zoho Voice specially designed for your desktop. Download it now to get a faster and more responsive Zoho Voice experience. Sign up now and let us help you impress your prospects and customers with great customer experiences.


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