Fine tune your queue announcements, hold music, and ringing patterns to engage and guide your callers while they wait in a call queue

Imagine your busiest business hours get hit with an unexpected surge of incoming calls. This can easily overwhelm your agents, potentially causing them to lose more than half of the arriving calls if not regulated properly. Powerful tools like Zoho Voice's Call Queues can effectively handle congestion that arises when handling such high call volumes.

queue customization in zoho voice

However, deploying queues to distribute your agents' service time effectively and dynamically moving your callers in and out of the queues in the order of their arrival does not solve everything.

Every second your callers spend waiting to connect to an available agent, be it long or short, can have a direct impact on how they perceive your business as an entity. It's like sending them into a lonely room without any assistance. That's why Zoho Voice now helps you add more layers of experience to impress your customers throughout their waiting time inside the queues.

Present your messages in your own branding

Create Queue Audio Profiles and add a welcome message to greet your callers when they enter a queue. Make custom announcements at regular intervals between the hold music to keep them engaged.

Add messages to announce the status of the agents, and add a custom message to prompt the caller to leave the queue and send a voicemail or to route the call to sub-agents.

Engage your callers throughout their wait time by uploading brand-relevant hold music

The idle time your callers spend on hold, eagerly awaiting to connect with an agent is when they are highly receptive. Upload a relevant audio file and use it as the hold music.

Queue hold music

Make your callers reach the right agent in the order you choose with a suitable ring pattern

Previously, Zoho Voice stuck to two types of ring strategies, sequential and simultaneous. Now, we support four ring patterns: Top down, simultaneous, sequential, and progressive.

Agent order

1. Top down

The call is always routed to the agent in Position 1. If the agent rejects or does not answer, the call is routed to the agent in the next position, and so on.

2. Simultaneous

All agents receive the call simultaneously. The ringing continues for all the agents until one of them answers the call.

3. Round Robin

The calls are routed to the agents in a rotational manner. The first call is routed to the agent in Position 1, the next call is routed to the agent in Position 2, and so on.

4. Progressive

The call is first routed to the agent in Position 1. After 10 seconds, if the agent does not attend the call, the call is routed to the agent in Position 2, but the ringing continues for the agent in Position 1. The ringing proceeds progressively until it is ringing for all agents or one of the agents answers the call.

Note: For every agent, the call rings for 30 seconds, then there is a 20-second break, and then it rings again for 30 seconds. This cycle repeats until someone picks up the call. If an agent rejects the call, the ringing stops immediately, then there is a 20-second break, and then it rings again for that agent.


Queue audio profiles are available only for the Enterprise Telephony edition's Basic, Standard, and Contact Center plans. However, the Ring pattern selector and the  Custom queue music on hold are available in all the plans, including the Solo plan with or without additional users.


Business Phone

Enterprise Telephony







Contact Center

Ring Pattern Selector

Custom Queue Music On Hold

Custom Queue Audio Profile

With such advanced queue customization settings, Zoho Voice lets you improve your customers' experience even through idle and solitary times with effective guidance and engagement, leaving an impression on your customers to develop brand trust. Sign up now and let us help you charm your prospects and customers with great customer experiences.


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