Two years of Zoho TeamInbox—and miles yet to go!

September 2022 is been exciting for Zoho TeamInbox—it turned two! We're meeting you today with two years of joy, two years of diligence, two years of hope, two years of feedback and rework, two years of growing, and a vision for an exciting journey ahead.

We're happy to see our product slowly taking shape as we intended. We owe it all to our wonderful users, not only for making Zoho TeamInbox a part of their daily work but also for constantly nourishing us with their suggestions and feedback that keep us getting better.

Here, we present a quick look on all we did in the past year to help our users get a better collaborative email system. We've fashioned a little game for you. Spin the wheel below to find out what features we've added. See what a ride 2021–2022 has been for us.

So, what's next for Zoho TeamInbox?  

With all of that said, we also wanted to give you a quick briefing into what we are cooking next:

Multichannel inboxes: Keep all of your conversations under a single roof 

The intention of Zoho TeamInbox as a solution has always been to bring all of your business conversations into a single collaborative space to reduce switching between applications as much as possible. With that as our primary goal, we're actively working to introduce multiple channels like Whatsapp, Telegram, etc., in addition to our email channel.

Revamped mobile app: One UI, one UX across all devices  

We're thrilled to announce that we're completely revamping our apps for Apple iPhone and iPad, and Android mobile and tablet devices. Now, across all devices, you can view the interface and have an experience similar to the web app.

We've incorporated all of the powerful capabilities of the web app into the mobile apps, and we've put a lot of effort into designing them for smaller devices without compromising efficiency. But that's not all—there's a lot more coming up on this front, so stay tuned.

Move between inboxes: Take a break from forwarding emails  

Constant forwarding makes everyone's inboxes chaotic. If you want to share specific emails with another team, or from your personal inbox to a team inbox, you'll be able to simply move them across inboxes with our "Move to inbox" functionality. Clear out space in your inbox when the other team takes the thread up as their task. You will also be able to merge or split threads, and then move between inboxes.

Topic-based discussions: Create a thread for any task or subject  

Internal conversations and discussions are centered only around incoming messages in Zoho TeamInbox. We're now working on introducing what we call "Discussions" that'll let you start a conversation thread with your teammates on any topic. You won't have to go elsewhere to have such discussions.

Extensive personalization: Set up your interface the way you want 

It's pure bliss to tailor the apps we use everyday the way we want them to be. That's exactly what you'll be able to do with Zoho TeamInbox. You can personalize the interface to best suit your needs. For starters, you'll be able to customize your entire left pane to arrange the views as you need for your working style.

Contact sync: Keep your contact book updated  

Sync and import your contacts from applications like Zoho CRM and other services, and manage them here at Zoho TeamInbox. You can also create custom fields, remove duplicate contacts, and associate notes.

Send later: Draft now, schedule for later, and move on to your next task 

Sending an email at the appropriate time is as important as drafting them perfectly. Emails should be sent at the recipients' optimum time of opening and reading, but that shouldn't mean that you must be available at your desk to send the email at the required time. With Zoho TeamInbox's "Send later" option, draft the email at your convenience and schedule it to be sent at your recepients' convenience.

Shared mailboxes inside Zoho Mail  

Here's good news for Zoho Mail users. We are working to bring shared inboxes within Zoho Mail. You can now create mailboxes for your group addresses and share them with team, to collaborate over emails and work together on them.

Finally, more integrations to stay connected with your preferred apps  

It's important for any application to communicate with other essential applications so that users always have the benefit of easing their workflows. We're working on integrating Zoho TeamInbox with as many applications as possible, both Zoho's native apps and external apps. You can expect integrations with Zoho Meeting, Zoho Desk, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Workdrive, Zoho Flow, Trello, Asana, Wordpress, and more soon.

Wrapping up 

Keep checking this space for updates about all of our future releases!

This year has been a productive year for Zoho TeamInbox, and we aim to do more in the upcoming years.

With the pandemic almost over, we've started coming back to our old normal routines, and have had the pleasure of working with our colleagues in person once again.

No matter how advanced emailing and messaging systems have become, face-to-face conversations and communications still have their charm, and we're so happy that we're able to do that once again here at Zoho TeamInbox. Our team will now work with even more enthusiasm to make our product the best for our customers, and we seek your support throughout.




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