Expert Diaries Season 1: Moving towards a connected email community  


While stepping into holidays can be so much fun, we at Zoho Campaigns have another reason to celebrate—here’s to a successful completion of Season 1 of Expert Diaries!

Why did we start Expert Diaries?

Emails connect people and transform businesses, so email marketing should bridge the gap between brands and customers.

With this in mind, our vision was to build an email marketing community that consists of top email leaders from the industry, beginners, and other successful marketers who are ready to share insights and stories, and ultimately learn from each other. This community connects marketers across regions and supports them to achieve success in their email marketing journey.

What’s in Season 1 of Expert Diaries?

Our flagship initiative culminates this year with 10 episodes, 10+ experts, and tons of email marketing stories. A step into the world of Expert Diaries shows a range of email marketing discussions—in the form of podcasts, blogs, interviews, and Twitter chat excerpts.  

Here’s a walk-through of what Season 1 was all about:

[Blog] 5 email marketing strategies that deliver results

(ft. Izabelle Hundrev, G2)

[Twitter Chat] The power of email marketing in the digital era

(ft. Val Geisler, Fixmychurn | Skip Fidura, |

Jessica Best, Barkley US | Jaina Mistry, Litmus |

Tom Sather, Return Path | Tim Watson, Zettasphere)

[Interview] Email marketing in 2019—a digital marketer’s perspective

(ft. Dharaneedharan GD, Social Eagle)

[Blog] Email content that makes happy customers

(ft. Tim Watson, Zettasphere)

[Podcast] Everything about email templates and design

(ft. Ted Goas, StackOverflow)

[Blog] What makes a newsletter worth reading—lessons from top newsletter writers

(ft. Masooma Memon, Ink and Copy)

[Interview] Design techniques for email newsletters

(ft. Crystal Ledesma, Zillow Group)

[Podcast] Effective email strategy for growth

(ft. Russell Dawson, Email Rut)

 [Blog] How to make email accessible for subscribers (and boost ROI)

(ft. Melissa Berdine, Email on Acid)

[Podcast] Aligning marketing and sales to increase new customers

(ft. Jeff Davis, JD2 Consulting & The Alignment Podcast)

Key takeaways—what lessons can marketers learn? 

  • Designing newsletters that relate to every occasion.
  • Adopting an organization-wide email design system for consistency and clarity.
  • Using email as a revenue generating channel for brand growth.
  • The power of email in the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Making emails responsive, accessible, and inclusive for readers of all kinds.
  • Incorporating storytelling and persuasion in newsletters, that make it worth reading.
  • Understanding what customers want from emails.
  • The role of email in the presence of multiple other channels.
  • Strategies and best practices for email marketing success.


Available on leading podcast platforms

The Zoho Campaigns Expert Diaries is available on leading podcast-hosting platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. We also have video versions available on YouTube. 

Follow us to learn more about email marketing in the most-effective way:

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Up next in 2020: Expert Diaries Season 2

Continuing our efforts to build togetherness and creative learning, we’re all set to extend the Expert Diaries project. More stories, many experts, and exciting changes lie ahead for everyone. Tune in to Expert Diaries in 2020!

Happy holidays!




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