A decade of email marketing and still going strong!

Zoho turns 10

“Today we’re happy to announce Zoho Campaigns, the email marketing software from Zoho that features advanced CRM integration and social campaigns,” read our first ever blog on August 2012. 

The blog went on to say, “Zoho Campaigns has all the bells and whistles that you can expect: mass emails, templates, and an easy-to-use editor to make you look good, as well as reports and real-time analytics to help you understand customers better.”

Ten summers have passed since we published that and look how far we’ve come! We’ve worked towards making Zoho Campaigns one of the most sought-after email marketing software platforms, providing the latest in advanced email automation, personalization, template designs, and analytics options. And we’re not done yet.

In the previous blog, we followed Zoho Campaigns’ journey. Here, we’ll give you a sneak peek into what lies ahead. As part of the anniversary celebrations, we’re introducing a series of exciting product updates.

Zoho Campaigns’ SMS gateway 

Yes, we’re now launching our own SMS gateway. Customers in the United States and Canada can now send SMS campaigns without hassle. This will not only simplify the SMS creation process, but also make identifying duplicate phone numbers. This update will also reduce the data processing time and ensure organized data storage. Click here to know more.

Optimization of artificial intelligence for ecommerce 

The ecommerce industry is a fast-evolving domain. Taking our first step towards artificial intelligence, we’re coming up with an automated product recommendation system powered by data collated after analyzing shoppers’ buying habits.

These recommendations will be of two kinds: basic and advanced. Basic recommendations will include “top selling” and “recently added” options, whereas advanced recommendations will include “similar products,” “frequently bought,” and “people who also bought this” options.

Introducing custom return paths 

Bounced emails can sometimes be a cause of worry, as excessive bounce rates can have an adverse effect on a domain’s reputation.

A return path helps the sender gauge the reasons behind email bounces. At Zoho Campaigns, we’re now enabling email marketers to create a custom return path address for themselves. Users can customize their return path and align it with their domain name. This will help our customers easily pass the SPF alignment in DMARC validation and further ensure that the emails you send land in the desired inbox.

RTL for MEA region 

The right-to-left (RTL) script option is specially designed for our customers in the MEA region. To support RTL script, Zoho Campaign’s email template editor will have the option of writing from right to left.

 Edit workflows effortlessly 

We’re now launching an improvised version of workflows where users can edit their live workflows with out any changes in the flow. Earlier, if a user edited an active workflow, a new version of the same workflow was created. This has been fixed, such that no additional versions of the workflow will be created after a user makes any changes to a live workflow.

All these changes will go live starting August 17. You can reach out to us at support@zohocampaigns.com anytime if you have questions or concerns.

Also, watch out for our social media channels —  LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter —  for expert interviews, testimonials, and other activities planned for our anniversary celebration.

Happy Campaigning!


2 Replies to A decade of email marketing and still going strong!

  1. The new feature to allow us to edit a LIVE workflow is a big improvement - thanks ! It was a long process to change an existing workflow...

  2. Hello, We need a new features: to be able to send via a workflow bounced and unsub contacts to the CRM. We do it manually and it sucks. The feature already exist for open /link clicks emails. Thanks

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