Automate your meeting workflows using Zoho Meeting and Zoho Flow integration

Application integrations and workflow automation are key to saving time and increasing overall productivity. The right integration software will ease the automation process across applications. Zoho Flow is an integration platform that is well known for automating manual business workflows in a jiffy.

We’re elated to announce that Zoho Meeting is now available on Zoho Flow, and is ready to be integrated with the available apps.

Zoho Meeting and Zoho Flow integration

Say you want to post a meeting link in your department group right after scheduling a new meeting. Or you wish to add your scheduled meetings to Google Calendar right away.

Such workflows, when done manually, will take up a lot of your time. That’s why using an integration platform like Zoho Flow to automate such tasks is recommended.

A brief introduction to Zoho Flow 

Zoho Flow is an integration platform that allows users to create custom integrations between different apps. Currently, over 750+ apps across various categories are readily available to be integrated without any coding. In the four years since its launch, Zoho Flow has managed to automate 200 million tasks, saving over 200+ years of time.

A flow is a combination of triggers and actions.


Triggers are events/updates that happen in an application which start the workflow to execute the action.


Actions are tasks that the workflow executes when an event is triggered in an application.

Learn more about Zoho Flow and how it works.

How to set up Zoho Meeting and Zoho Flow integration

Zoho Flow is fairly simple to get started and create your own workflows between applications. Let’s take a step-by-step look at how you can begin your Zoho Meeting and Zoho Flow integration:

  1. Create your meeting workflow by entering its name.

  2. Choose the App-based trigger to create the workflow.

  3. Select Zoho Meeting from the list of apps and choose a Zoho Meeting trigger.

  4. Create a new or choose an existing connection to be used for workflows in your account.

  5. Choose an app and drag a specific action to the builder that gets triggered when an event happens in Zoho Meeting.

  6. Turn on the workflow to complete the automation.

Zoho Flow’s builder shows a clear workflow laid out between applications without the need for coding. You can also monitor the history of your workflow and check for any issues, if needed.

Check how to create a custom workflow in detail.

What does the Meeting + Flow integration offer? 

Zoho Meeting comes with a total of 13 triggers and 6 actions that can be used to automate your business workflows on Zoho Flow.

Below are some of the use cases of this integration:

  1. Zoho Meeting — Zoho Cliq

Scheduling an online meeting or webinar in Zoho Meeting instantly sends out meeting invitations with the joining link in a specific Cliq channel.

  1. Zoho Meeting — Google Calendar

On scheduling new meetings or webinars, the events can be automatically added to the Google Calendar.

These use cases are just the tip of the iceberg. With the new Zoho Meeting and Zoho Flow integration, the possibilities are truly endless, and we can’t wait for you to automate your workflows.

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