Introducing Zoho Meeting Rooms: A level-up in remote collaboration

As businesses transition into a hybrid work environment, the need for an efficient business communication solution has never been greater. That's why we’ve worked towards an immersive experience that bridges the gap between in-person and virtual interactions.

Say hello to Zoho Meeting Rooms—an immersive and hands-free solution for teams to connect over virtual meetings in video conference rooms.

Gone are the days of squinting at small screens and straining to hear during virtual meetings. With our online meeting rooms, you'll be stepping into a new era of high-quality business communication.

Regular online meetings, but made better! 

Transform your physical meeting spaces into powerful hubs of connectivity and collaboration. Whether it's a crucial client presentation or a team brainstorming session, our feature-rich video conference room solution is here to enhance every aspect of your online meetings.

Zoho Meeting Rooms integrates seamlessly with your conference room displays, providing a high-quality meeting experience. You can create and manage multiple meeting rooms, and connect those with the rooms controller instantly. And while scheduling a meeting, you can quickly associate an available meeting room for the session.

This allows you to take charge of your virtual meetings and collaborate like never before. Our rooms controller empowers you to go hands-free and host discussions at ease.

When we say hands-free, we mean it. 

With Zoho Meeting Rooms, you can avoid the hassle of carrying around your laptops to conference rooms all day long. All you need is your dedicated iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to use as the rooms controller.

Our intuitive controller puts you in command of your virtual meetings, enabling you to start scheduled meetings, collaborate with a hybrid workforce over audio and video, and even invite participants with just a few clicks.

Confidential team meetings that stay confidential

We understand the importance of keeping your team conversations and data secure. Our video conference room systems are built with robust security features to safeguard your sensitive discussions and maintain the confidentiality of your business.

Our online meeting rooms setup is completed by pairing the rooms display and the controller using a unique six-digit code, followed by connecting the meeting rooms with a QR code scan, ensuring security at each step.

So, how can you get started? 
  • A conference room with smart display, webcam, and microphone.

  • Zoho Meeting's dedicated app, Rooms Controller.

That's all it takes for you to get started with Zoho Meeting Rooms!

Learn how to set up online meeting rooms in detail.

What do you say we head to Zoho Meeting Rooms?

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional video calls and hello to immersive online meeting rooms. Experience video conference room systems and have an engaging virtual collaboration experience with your team. Contact us today to learn how our solution can revolutionize the way you connect and collaborate.


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