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At Zoho, we’re building an operating system for business. Our vision is to help businesses run their entire operations online—including sales, marketing, HR, and finance—with our tightly integrated suite of apps. Today, in the backdrop of hybrid work and ever-increasing cyber threats, how can we run a business without worrying about cybersecurity and privacy? The month of October is the best time to talk about cybersecurity, as we celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Many businesses don't take cybersecurity seriously unless they become a victim themselves. So, let's do a quick cybersecurity exercise first.

  1. Go to

  1. Enter your email ID. 

  2. Find if your email ID is part of data breaches and take actions. 

What is “haveibeenpwned”? 

“” is a website run by security expert and technologist Troy Hunt to help the public check if their email address is part of any data breach. Troy Hunt also conducts post-breach analysis and has found that accounts with the same passwords were getting exposed time and again.

Go ahead and try the website yourself to check if your email has been included in any data breaches. If your email has been part of a breach, there’s a chance that a cybercriminal can gain access to your account. If you use the same email and password for multiple accounts, then there can be an even more damaging effect. That’s why security experts often recommend using strong and unique passwords for each app.

Here are some interesting cybersecurity facts from recent research: 

  • ~70% of attacks are identity-based (user name and password)

  • Top 3 reasons:

    • Stolen or weak passwords

    • Phishing

    • Credential-stealing software

How most businesses work today 

Today, most of us use a laptop or mobile device either from the office or other locations and connect to our business and personal apps via the internet. Many employees use sticky notes to remember passwords and share them via spreadsheets or printouts.

This is a huge challenge for IT admins to know who is accessing which account and when, which widens the cybersecurity threat landscape. Cybercriminals are aware of this fact and target businesses that aren’t equipped with the right set of tools and experts.

 How should businesses approach cybersecurity? 

  1. Help employees connect to the internet securely.

  1. Give employees access to the right set of apps based on their roles.

  1. Secure access to the shared accounts.

  2. Add an additional level of security for critical accounts.

How Zoho can help businesses with cybersecurity 

Staying true to our vision of serving as the operating system for business, we’re helping businesses in all areas, including cybersecurity. We have a 360° approach to help business owners, employees, and IT admins operate securely and productively.

The Ulaa browser

Ulaa is Zoho's privacy-focused browser that helps anyone connect to the internet and access their everyday apps without compromising their privacy. By default, it offers ad blocking, tracking, phishing prevention, abuse blocking, privacy reports, and much more. Unlike other browsers, Ulaa is built for productivity.

Key benefits:

  • Single sign-on: You can create a profile for yourself and log in to Zoho apps securely in a single click.

  • Modes: There are five different modes in Ulaa, including work, open, kids, developer, and incognito. You can configure which websites or apps belong to which mode and work without any distractions.

  • Tabs manager: You can group tabs based on domain to declutter your screen and save computer memory.

  • Multi-device sync: You can enable sync via Zoho Account and access your data from anywhere across your devices.

  • Integrations: Zia Search, Zoho Notebook, and Zoho Vault.

Zoho Directory 

Enabling only the right set of apps for the right employees is the first step in cybersecurity. Zoho's workforce identity and access management platform helps businesses with this. Employees can log in to Zoho Directory once and get access to all of their apps from there without remembering any additional passwords, offering a great experience and complete peace of mind to IT admins.

Key benefits:

  • Dashboard: Admins can get a holistic picture of the number of users and apps in the company, along with the location from where users are operating every single day.

  • Integration with directory stores: Import users from already existing stores like Window Active directory, Azure (Entra ID), Google Workspace, Office 365, and more.

  • Role-based access: Once imported, we can group users based on roles and responsibilities, allowing employees to access the apps only on an as-needed basis.

  • App catalogue: Enable single sign-on for over 350+ cloud apps in just a few clicks. Your employees can log in to their everyday apps in just a single click from Zoho Directory.

  • Device authentication: Help your employees log in to their apps and devices (laptops and desktops) with the same set of credentials, saving them one additional set of passwords to remember.

Zoho Vault 

Like it or hate it, passwords are still one of the most commonly used authentication methods. With Zoho Vault, users can generate strong and unique passwords for all of their apps and websites. Additionally, it also helps them auto-login to websites and share passwords with different levels of access privileges.

Key benefits:

  • Remember one master password and log in everywhere else securely.  

  • Share passwords without revealing them in plain text.

  • Share passwords based on user roles and enable time-limited access to critical accounts.

  • Browser extension and mobile apps for on-the-go password management

  • Data breach alerts for breached passwords.

Zoho OneAuth 

An additional level of security is essential for critical accounts. With Zoho OneAuth, users can configure multi-factor authentication for both Zoho apps and third-party apps like Google, Microsoft, X (formerly Twitter), and more.

Key benefits:

  • Enjoy passwordless authentication for Zoho apps.

  • Log in to Zoho mobile apps via single sign-on without entering passwords.

  • Back up codes on the cloud and never get locked out of your critical accounts.

  • Configure a passphrase to recover your app when required.

  • Alternate verification methods via QR codes and offline OTPs.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023 focuses on:


Which Zoho app can help

Use strong passwords and password manager

Zoho Vault

Turn on multi-factor authentication

Zoho OneAuth

Recognize and report phishing

Zoho Mail and Zoho Vault

Update software

All Zoho apps offer regular software updates to provide the latest features, updates, and higher security.

Also, check out ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus from Zoho's sister division ManageEngine to automate patch deployments.

So go ahead and try our cybersecurity apps with our free trial and onboarding assistance. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us or comment below. Our team will be happy to assist you. Secure your business with Zoho during this National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2023.


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