Data Privacy Week 2024: Take control of your data with Zoho

 Data Privacy Week 2024: Take control of your data with Zoho

Data privacy has become a central focus in recent years due to increased data sharing over the internet, high-profile breaches, and evolving government regulations. As we kick off Data Privacy Week 2024, it's crucial to understand the significance of safeguarding your personal information and making informed choices about data sharing.

What is data privacy? 

Data privacy centers around an individual's right to keep their information private. When it comes to technology, there's an ongoing balance between privacy and convenience.  For instance, a navigation app requires access to your current location to provide directions. However, in many situations, you have the option to control the amount of data you share. Understanding data privacy can empower you to make informed decisions and develop privacy-conscious habits.

What is Data Privacy Week? 

Data Privacy Week, organized by the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA), is a global initiative aimed at educating and empowering individuals and businesses to recognize the importance of privacy, safeguard their data, and promote trust.

Here are some suggestions for effectively handling your data privacy:

Every time you download an app or create an online account, you're asked to grant permission to access personal information. Companies value this data highly, and it's crucial to assess whether the services offered are worth the data you're required to share.

Make informed choices when sharing your data 

  1. Evaluate the worth of the service in relation to the personal data requested.

  1. Assess if you can maintain control over your data privacy while using the service.

  1. Question the relevance of the data requested. Why does a certain app need access to specific information?

  1. Regularly review and consider deleting unused accounts or apps to minimize data exposure.

Protect your online journey with Zoho 

  1. Switch to a privacy-focused web browser like Ulaa to protect you from privacy abuse and high-risk cybersecurity threats.

  1. Ensure secure access to your work devices and business applications through Zoho Directory.

  1. Create robust, unique passwords for every account and device. Simplify this process with Zoho Vault, a secure password manager equipped with a built-in feature to scan for breached passwords on the dark web, providing added assurance against password compromises.

  1. Enable multifactor authentication (MFA) wherever possible. Try Zoho OneAuth for securing online accounts.

  1. Stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities by enabling automatic updates for your devices, software, and browsers. Switch to Patch Manager Plus for seamless deployment of updates.

Zoho's commitment to privacy and security 

As the frequency of data breaches increases, it’s crucial to understand the extent to which your tools can acquire, utilize, and retain your data. At Zoho, we place a high priority on safeguarding data security and privacy in everything we create. We recognize the significance of protecting confidential information and take every necessary step to ensure the highest level of security for our users. For more details on our data security and privacy protocols, click here

Choose privacy. Choose Zoho  

While you may not control every piece of data collected about you, you still have the right to data privacy. Choose Zoho to take control of your data and protect your online journey. Your data matters, and you should have a say in its handling.

Let's celebrate Data Privacy Week 2024 by empowering ourselves to navigate the digital world confidently and securely.


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