Zoho Mail extensions for business, Part 3: Figuring out the finances

Zoho Mail extensions for business

In the last part of this series about Zoho Mail extensions for business, Chloe moved through the gears and got her marketing agency set up—for success—with the help of Zoho Mail integrations. To quickly recap, she set up a custom domain for her email address using Zoho Mail. For her website needs, WordPress got the job done. She also added the Zoho Mail integration with WordPress to automate the newsletters sent to her subscribers.

For her project management needs, she managed all of her tasks using Asana, but she didn't have to open the dedicated app for everything. So the Asana integration for Zoho Mail made sure that she was able to quickly add tasks right within her mail application. Same thing for Zoom and Evernote; both integrate well with Zoho Mail for seamless and frictionless work.

Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books summary table

Now to the crucial part of any business—finances! Money dictates the success of any business, and Chloe's marketing agency is no different. With more clients coming in, she has a steady stream of cash coming in as well. But how she sorts out the finances in her business is critical. Her financing tool of choice is Zoho Invoice. She uses this to generate invoices for her clients, keep track of payments, and send timely reminders for any overdue payments.

However, with the Zoho Invoice integration for Zoho Mail, she can take this up a notch. Using this widget, she can browse her clients' emails and get the invoice details that are associated with them at a glance. This will save her from having to open Zoho Invoice separately every time. Also, while she’s sending an email, she gets all of the information related to the sender, such as their billing address, currency, estimations, and other things related to their invoice.  

For her accounting needs—maintaining an inventory, tracking bills, and producing exhaustive reports of her finances—she has Zoho Books. This nifty application takes away all of her worries about losing documents for tax filing or forgetting to check inventory that’s running low.

A solopreneur like Chloe will like the way this app simplifies such a complex task as financing. She will also greatly appreciate the Zoho Books integration with Zoho Mail when it comes to quickly managing the financial transactions of her senders or wanting to know the number of servers within her business. Everything is presented to her on a neat dashboard and it’s always ready.

Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books are important tools that help Chloe stay organized in the finances of her business, which is crucial to her success. She gets more out of these tools with their respective integrations with Zoho Mail. These integrations allow her to save valuable time by using the e-widget icon within the Zoho Mail interface for quick access to her critical financial data.  

Now that the financial aspect of her business is in safe and effective hands, she turns her attention to more nitty-gritty matters, i.e., sales and marketing. In the next episode, we’ll see how Chloe manages these tasks with relative ease for optimal results to drive her business forward in this competitive landscape. 


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