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Zoho Mail integrates with 100+ applications via Automate.io

Over time, the way we work and communicate across our workspace has drastically changed. To stay ahead of this trend, the Mail team is always striving to give you a seamless combination...

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Zoho Mail through 2018

Every year, we strive to give you a better email experience than the last, and this year has been no different. With close to 50 feature...

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Announcing the new ‘eWidget’ in Zoho Mail

Multitasking is an unavoidable part of the modern workplace. Juggling different apps, switching between dozens of browser tabs, and managing cobbled-together workflows is just the price...

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Zoho Mail integrates with WHMCS, WHM and cPanel

Our Partners and customers have consistently kept us on our toes to develop efficient ways of using Zoho Mail. In an effort to make the...

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Rolling out the latest features in Zoho Mail

Constantly coming up with cool new features that make you fall in love with Zoho Mail is what we do best. We’re excited to introduce...

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Sent an email you didn’t mean to? Get it back with a click!

Sending emails has become second nature to most of us, but despite it being a part of our daily lives, sometimes mistakes slip through the cracks. I’m...

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Zoho Mail Plugin for WordPress—sending authentic emails from your website

With the Internet Era here to stay, websites and blogs have become a must-have for any business looking to scale itself up. And when it comes to hosting...

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Announcing Zoho Mail 2018, our coolest UI update

It’s been nearly two and a half years since the launch of the current user interface in Zoho Mail, and over 95% of our users...

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Announcing Zoho Mail Desktop Lite Client

Get the best of both worlds. There are times when you can’t afford distractions while communicating over email. This is especially true in the case of...

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