Zoho Mail extensions for business, Part 8: Automate and elevate work routines

Running a marketing agency as a solopreneur may sound like a daunting task. But with the right tools, it can be achievable and gratifying. This is how Chloe, a hypothetical business owner, greatly benefits from the handy integrations in Zoho Mail.

Zoho Mail extensions for automation

To get you up to speed on Chloe's business journey so far: she is running her own marketing agency specializing in SEO, digital marketing, and PR activities. Since the solopreneur game is a one-person show, she needed tools that made her work easier instead of being in the way.

Zoho Mail extensions make her life easier by helping her keep tabs on all the tools she uses by providing a centralized information hub for easy access.

Here's a list of the tools that help Chloe operate her business smoothly and successfully: 

Zoho Mail extensions for businesses

The final missing pieces in the puzzle of her business workflow were automation, AI, and a password manager.

IFTTT is indispensable for automation. This tool lets her form connections between most of her applications, allowing them to talk with each other. These connections enable her to automate manual tasks, like sending welcome emails to her customers who sign up for her newsletter and automatically assigning tickets in Zendesk based on emails she receives.

Zoho Mail's integration with IFTTT is a huge help here.

As the face of her marketing agency, Chloe needs to stay on top of important emails, such as client queries. To ensure emails don't slip through the cracks, she creates an applet using this integration, which sends her an SMS alert whenever she receives an important client email that satisfies the criteria for the applet.

Another essential applet sends her an email whenever she adds a new business contact. This reminds her to send new contacts a personalized welcome email, giving some brief information about her company and a list of benefits the users can expect from her services.

Now that she's automated a lot of manual work, she can now turn her attention to nurturing high-value leads, replying to customer emails, and following up with potential prospects. These tasks cannot be fully delegated to software tools. Chloe needs to find the perfect balance between having manual input into the emails she sends while not spending too much time writing them.

The Zia extension for Zoho Mail helps her maintain this balance. This smart AI assistant is on call from her email screen whenever she needs it. It can help her draft new emails, edit the copy to make it more personalized, and summarize long email threads. Zia's auto-complete feature also helps her write emails more quickly.

Chloe is about to step into a meeting with a client she has been in touch with via email. Before the meeting, she needs a synopsis of everything they have discussed over email. With Zia, she can get a quick summary of the conversation without manually sifting through the whole long chain.

As she builds up her business, privacy and security are key to maintaining strong customer relationships over the long term. Since she has access to a lot of data on her clients' dashboards, a robust password manager is crucial to protect the credentials entrusted to her.

Sometimes, she shares access to customer dashboards within her team of freelancers to get a different perspective on the numbers. Instead of sharing the dashboard password as plain text, she can use Zoho Vault to give a single sign-on so they can sign in directly.

There's also a Zoho Vault extension for Zoho Mail that gives her access to all her passwords within her email interface. Since her work primarily revolves around emails, Chloe greatly appreciates this ease of access. All the dashboards shared by the clients will stay safe with Zoho Vault.

This combination of powerful applications and practical integrations acts as the wind beneath Chloe's wings, lifting her marketing agency to new heights. So why not take a look at the available Zoho Mail extensions for yourself and check out how they can integrate with your everyday tools to increase efficiency?


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