3 ways a help desk extension elevates your ecommerce business

This is a guest post by Alvaro Lafee, CEO of LogosCorp.

When every click and scroll could mean a sale or a missed opportunity, streamlining customer support can be a game-changer for ecommerce businesses and help them retain their competitive edge. Small business owners using ecommerce platforms are constantly faced with the nagging need to juggle between support tickets on their help desk and business orders on their ecommerce platform. This toggling between systems could lead to delayed responses and the inevitable risk of letting down valued customers.

A simple solution to this dilemma is integrating both platforms. Integrating an ecommerce platform like Magento with a help desk extension like Zoho Desk can lead to improved customer support processes and higher chances of creating customer delight.

Here are three reasons why every business owner should aim to integrate their ecommerce platform with a customer support application.

1. Easily enhance the capabilities of existing software.

Adding extensions or features to your existing applications is a faster way to create custom solutions that meet your business requirements. Businesses that use an ecommerce application like Magento will find it easier to navigate a familiar landscape than to use completely new software. Integrating two existing applications is simpler and cost-effective as well.  

2. Build automated workflows that increase productivity without increasing workload.

Using a help desk extension, customer-facing teams can create workflows to automate routine tasks like creating tickets and tracking orders. This way, they eliminate the need for disjointed systems and unify their workflow without adding to their existing workloads.

3. Streamline and simplify customer support processes.

Integrating your ecommerce solution with a help desk application helps streamline ticketing and customer support processes. Support teams can access complete order details, create tickets related to orders, and add notes directly within their help desk app.

Discover what it means to have a truly unified ecommerce and customer support system.

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