Reach out to those last-minute shoppers. Three days to go!

You might think it’s a little late to run your email marketing campaigns, but wait, have you thought of those last-minute shoppers?

It’s the final week of the holiday season and there’s always a last-minute shopping rush – people looking for the perfect gifts and trying to tick everything off their shopping lists.

As a retailer, you might just have an offer for them, but how do you let them know about your offers?

Here’re 2 ways in which you could run a last-minute campaign.

Make the best use of mobile-friendly templates

Since it is a last-minute campaign, you might not want to take any chances. The trends show more and more emails being read from mobile devices, and considering the holidays, people might be away from their work-stations. Email templates optimized for mobiles will ensure maximum engagement.

Zoho Campaigns just released 20 mobile-friendly templates that you can try. They are pre-designed, so you don’t have to spend time on the layout. Customization is easy – add your text, change the image (if you want to), and you’re ready to go. Your holiday email campaign will be ready in almost no time!

Also, make sure to keep your messages brief. Last-minute shopping can be overwhelming, and you can make it easy for your shoppers by giving them relevant options.

Extend to social media

Remember to share all your campaigns on social media sites too. One of your contacts might just like an offer that you have, and share it with friends and followers. You just expanded your reach with almost no effort!

Using Zoho Campaigns for those last-minute campaigns

Tip 1: Choose mobile-friendly templates while creating campaigns. As mentioned earlier, we have 20 new templates that you can try.

Tip 2: Create a Social Campaign. Share gift ideas, daily deals or even special christmas recipes as daily posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – till the end of the season.

Run your campaigns as Facebook Landing pages. You can think of offering special discounts to every person who likes your page.

Tip 3: If you’re planning a post holiday campaign, you can schedule it right away. Our schedulers will make sure that they reach right on time, and you can thoroughly enjoy your holidays!

A quick question before I sign out: Have any of you gone about your Christmas shopping on the 24th of December? Or, do you plan to do so this year? Do share your experience.

Happy Holidays!

– Sharanya R


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