Webinar Recap: Email workflows to engage your webinar audience

Email workflows offer businesses multiple benefits, especially when it comes to webinar email marketing. These workflows respond to recipient actions and trigger a series of automated emails that can be sent to contacts before, during, and after the webinar. Your automated emails can be used to maximize engagement for your webinar, bring in more attendees, and build your customer database.

In our recent webinar, How to nurture and convert webinar leads to prospects and customers, we shared a few insights on how to use triggered email workflows can be used to maximize webinar engagement.

Didn’t attend the webinar? That’s ok—we’ve recorded it for you! We’ve also answered some follow-up questions down below. If you have any additional questions other than the ones already discussed, leave them in the comment box below. We’re happy to answer them for you! 

Here’s a quick rundown of the webinar email marketing conversations we had during this webinar:


Is Zoho Meeting included with Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns?

Zoho Meeting is a separate application that is integrated with both Zoho CRM and Zoho Campaigns. You need to purchase the Zoho Meeting in order to get the pro features. The webinar edition of Zoho Meeting starts at $19/month/host. You can view the webinar editions and pricing here.


Can the collaboration feature be used to periodically have guest presenters?

Yes, if you know the presenter prior, you can invite presenters to your webinar using the “Add co-organizer” option available in the “Schedule a webinar” section. Also, you can choose your webinar attendees as presenters using the “Make Presenter” option. While you add co-organizers, remember that they will get all the in-session features the same as the webinar host/presenter. Read more about attendee engagement.  Learn more


Can workflows be duplicated/cloned? 

Yes, you can clone the workflows and use them again in the future.


How can I automate and send webinar reminder emails six or seven hours before the scheduled webinar?

You can do it in two ways:

 1) You can set up a reminder email from your Zoho Meeting account. Go to Settings > My Settings > Email Reminders. Set the time, and your email will automatically be delivered to your webinar registrants.

 2) You can use the “Schedule Campaign” option in Zoho Campaigns to schedule and send an email at a particular time or for a certain timezone. Read more


What is Topic while activating workflow?

Using Zoho Campaigns, you can categorize your mailing list under different topics so you send your contacts the right emails. They can choose the topics they want to hear from you. This will also let your contacts know the different types of email newsletters that you offer and allow them to choose the type that interests them. Read more


What is the use of contact scoring and how do you decide the score?

With the help of contact scoring, you can split the contacts and move them to a different mailing list and update fields based on scoring. For example, if you want to remove the contacts who have 0 scores from any of your mailing lists, you can use the segment option to split them based on the score. For any action, you can add or remove a score. Read more


Can I schedule my webinar emails from Zoho Campaigns?

Yes, you can schedule your emails using Zoho Campaigns. There are four options in Zoho Campaigns that will help you to schedule your emails:

Fixed Time and Time Zone – The campaign will be launched to your recipients’ inbox at the date and time that you specify.

Recipients’ Time Zone – The campaign will be launched to your recipients’ inbox according to the recipient’s time zone.

Recipients’ Optimal Open Time – Optimal time for each recipient will be calculated based on their past three open time patterns. Once you schedule the emails, it will be delivered to your recipients within the next 24 hours of when they’re likely to open it.

Send in Batches – The campaign will be scheduled in batches at time intervals you specify. Batch sending will help to send emails to your contacts without straining your server and affecting your sender reputation.

Want to know more about webinar email marketing? We’ve got a webinar recap aimed at all marketers who use emails to promote webinars. Also, let us know how it helped in your business down in the comments!


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