Zoho Campaigns introduces 6 more languages for email marketers

Hello marketers,
We have rolled out Zoho Campaigns in six more languages to make email marketing accessible for more many marketers across the globe. The service has been available in 18 different languages earlier and we are more than elated to announce that we are making it to 24 now with an addition of six more languages. The software can be accessed by email marketers in their regional language or English, making it easier for them to communicate effectively to their local and international audience.

The new languages that have been introduced are: Portuguese, Swedish, Ukranian, Bulgarian, Croatian, and Czech.

Here’s a list of all the 24 languages that you can access Zoho Campaigns in:

These languages are supported for our users via web version and the mobile app. Download our mobile app on Google Playstore and App store now.

Our users can access the app in their preferred language by setting up their country and language in Zoho Accounts. It will reflect in the web version and our mobile app as well.

From accessing the dashboard to creating lists and campaigns, and checking out analytics, everything can be done in regional languages that are supported by the software.

While the pre-designed campaign templates are available in English, users can feel free to access the desired email template and edit the content in the language that they have set up in their account.

Why wait yet? Switch to the language you want now, start campaigning and let your words travel places. Our team is also working on supporting more languages and many other features, so stay tuned and watch out this space for interesting updates from Zoho Campaigns.



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