Revolutionize your business communication with the power of Cliq's AI capabilities

As organizations navigate the complexities of global markets, remote work, and constantly changing technologies, advanced communication software has become more necessary. We have always known that integrating AI capabilities goes beyond mere innovation in this dynamic landscape—it's a strategic priority.

We have been infusing artificial intelligence into Cliq, and in our latest release, we introduced four significant capabilities powered by AI. They help enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and ultimately elevate the overall efficiency of communication within an organization.

Crisp meeting summary with action items

Imagine you are all set to go on a vacation, but an important meeting has been planned at the last minute. You don't have to worry about missing the meeting, or missing out on the fun of your vacation. Cliq automatically generates a transcript for the entire meeting, and you'll be provided with a summary and a list of action items.

Let AI do the hospitality

Say you happily go on your vacation, but a few new recruits have asked you questions about which Cliq channels to join. Instead of manually adding them to the right channels, let AI do the job for you. When a new person joins Cliq, they'll receive a list of channel recommendations and will be added to the default channels automatically.

Check your tone

One should always be mindful of their tone at work, and your writing wingman in Cliq can help. If your message could come across as unfriendly to your colleagues, our writing assistant will detect the tone and tell you how to make it more positive.

One other typical case we've all faced is sending a message with typos. Now, you can be assured that you'll never again send a message with spelling or grammar errors, as the writing assistant will provide you with a feedback to get it changed.

Swift summaries for unread messages

No more worrying about sifting through many unread messages when returning to work from a break, as AI concisely summarizes all unread messages in any conversation. With a click, you can get a snapshot of the entire conversation you missed and keep the work flowing.

It is not that artificial intelligence will replace human work. AI is here to make your job easier, as it takes care of all the little things for you. Sometimes, little things make a big difference! 

Try these functionalities and let us know what has changed in your daily work routine! Stay tuned for more AI functionalities in Cliq.


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