Introducing the Sticky Notes extension by Zoho Notebook

Hello, Note-takers!

We all love sticky notes. Whether they’re for jotting down little doodles or quick reminders, they're undoubtedly fun and handy to use! However, many people find that organizing all of those notes to be stressful. That's where digital notes come in, revolutionizing digital note-taking. Among all of the note-taking applications on the market, Notebook has always been the productive platform for capturing various types of notes. And now, we've crafted something fruitful for quick note-takers, especially people who read online and write down important points from what they've read.

So we're excited to introduce the Sticky Notes extension as part of our Web Clipper for your favorite web browsers! You can simply create notes on any of the pages that you read online without switching tabs and save them to the Notebook app so you can refer to them later. Unlike other online sticky notes, we're sure you'll love what we've developed for you. Read on to learn more about the simple, yet beautiful, Sticky Notes by Notebook.

Stick your notes anywhere  

Are you reading an interesting article? You can jot down your favorite lines or thoughts from the article anytime on the Sticky Notes pinned to the page. This means that even if you close or reload the page, the notes won’t be deleted. When you open the page again, you can see your notes stuck in the same place. You can revisit your notes at any time.

Drag-and-drop on the go  

Add images from a webpage into your notes by simply dragging them into the notes. Easy drag-and-drop allows you to save time and make your work easier. You can also drag-and-drop text into your notes. Handy, isn't it?  

Take screenshots and make annotations  

You can take as many screenshots of the article you're reading in just a click from the notes and quickly annotate using tools like text, shapes, highlight, crop, and more. When you’re done, the screenshot will be automatically added to the corresponding note.

Some cool tips for quick actions 

Here, we've covered all of the other basic quick actions that will help you play around with Sticky Notes.

  • Access your notes from any device and take notes wherever you are. All of your stickies will be synced to the cloud automatically.

  • Change the formatting options for text such as bold, italics, underline, and strike-through in your stickies, and create beautifully organized notes.

  • Delete the note if you don't need it anymore, or remove the note from the webpage (you can still access it on the app).

  • Select the notebook where you want to save the note.

  • Simply select the text from any article you read and click on the Notebook icon, and your highlighted text will be automatically added to the note.

  • Take advantage of the minimizing and maximizing options on the top-right corner of the sticky note to resize it with ease.

We hope you’ll love using Sticky Notes on your favorite pages, and we'll keep creating more handy features in the future to enhance your experience with our stickies. Write to us at for any feedback or suggestions, we'll be glad to hear from you. Also, don't forget to follow us on our social media handles: X, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Happy note-taking!


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