Instant alerts on payments: Zoho Cliq's integration with Zoho Checkout

Stay alert: Zoho Cliq keeps you in the Checkout loop

Payment pages are becoming increasingly significant for various organizations. For instance, consider an NGO committed to helping those in need. They aim to gather funds for different initiatives, conduct various fundraising campaigns to make a positive impact, and contact contributors globally. However, efficiently managing donations is not an easy task.

In this scenario, Zoho Checkout can be a useful platform for an organization to create customized payment pages for every fundraising campaign. The NGO can effortlessly collect donations from supporters worldwide. These payment pages not only provide a secure and easy means to donate but also demonstrate the organization's reputation and professionalism.

However, the real benefits arise when Zoho Checkout is integrated with a messaging platform like Zoho Cliq. Every time a donation or payment is made, the NGO's workers get notified right away, keeping everyone updated in real time. This ensures quick donor acknowledgment, promoting enhanced relationships and trust. By enabling notifications for every payment through Zoho Checkout, team members can collaborate effectively, discuss donation strategies, share campaign progress updates, and swiftly address any donor inquiries. This integration increases communication and collaboration within the NGO, enabling them to achieve their fundraising goals and significantly improve the lives of those in need.

Not only nongovernmental organizations but also small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs rely on payment pages to streamline payment processes and give customers a seamless experience. Just like the growing need for customized payment pages, instant notifications are also essential for all businesses to stay informed about customer payments, ensure fast follow-ups, and quickly resolve any payment-related concerns.

By integrating Zoho Checkout with Zoho Cliq, businesses can receive real-time notifications directly in their chat channels, enabling faster responses and improved customer service.

How do you set up the Zoho Checkout-Zoho Cliq integration?

  • Log in to Zoho Checkout. Click the Settings icon in the top-right corner and select Integrations.
  • Click Configure next to Zoho Cliq Integration.

  • In the pop-up, select the channel in which you’d like to receive Zoho Checkout notifications from the dropdown.

  • You have now successfully configured Zoho Checkout with your Zoho Cliq channel.

Integrating Zoho Checkout with Zoho Cliq

Remember to always keep an eye on your earnings

Receive notifications whenever a customer completes a transaction on your payment page, allowing you to be constantly aware of the available funds.

Review missed opportunities

Zoho Checkout notifies you through your Cliq account when a customer attempts to sign up for your service via your payment page, and their payment is unsuccessful, allowing you to resolve the issue promptly.

To put it briefly

Effective payment management is made easy for organizations of all sizes, from NGOs to small businesses, with the integration of Zoho Checkout and Zoho Cliq. Instant notifications and simplified communication enable teams to work together effectively, stay informed, and provide top-notch customer service. Businesses can enhance their business operations or fundraising efforts by ensuring they never miss a payment and swiftly addressing any issues by setting up this integration.

To learn more about how these integrations work and how to set them up, or if you need further assistance, please email us at


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