Beyond the basics : Lesser-known Zoho Cliq tips

While many of you are aware of the basic functionalities of Zoho Cliq, it also has a bunch of shortcuts that are not so well known. Some of them are easy to find, but others are less obvious. These shortcuts, often overlooked or under used, help ,maximize your effieciency within Zoho Cliq.  Recognizing the value in consolidating this knowledge and sharing it with everyone, I have compiled a list of these tips and shortcuts. Take a look below for a quick rundown:

Command to remind you

Did you know that there are some pre-existing slash commands prebuilt in Zoho Cliq that can make your work easier? For example, you can create a reminder for yourself or others straight from the chat instead of going to the reminder section to create it. This way, you won't have to break the conversational flow to create a reminder.

Using markdowns for thread title prediction

Sometimes, when you create a thread, the automated title doesn't capture the essence of the thread itself. Zoho Cliq takes random words from the base message to predict the title. You can also make the app prioritize certain words for the thread title. While some markdowns, like bold text, enable Zoho Cliq to prioritize words for the thread title, other markdowns can also make it ignore words for the title.

By prioritizing or excluding certain words, you can ensure that your thread title accurately reflects the content of your conversation without the need for manual editing. So the next time you create a thread, try and use different markdowns to find out which ones are positive and which ones are negative.

Getting the message permalink with a click

When you need to direct someone to a specific message within a channel or chat, you typically utilize the message permalink. However, there's a handy shortcut that many overlook: rather than right-clicking the message and selecting "Copy message link" from the actions menu, you can simply click on the timestamp that appears when you hover over the message. This instantly copies the message permalink, allowing you to share it with others without any hassle. 

Message builder and form builder

No one likes to type more code than necessary. And as a low-code platform, we try to avoid the need for coding as much as possible. So, when you create platform components that require posting a message card or a form, we want you to refrain from sitting down and coding the form or the message card. Instead, you can use the message builder and the form builder to create them with absolutely no code. 

With these, you can just drag and drop your requirements to build them. 

Collaborative document preview

Collaborating using a document can sometimes be a hassle. Especially if you are collaborating via texts, leaving behind comments for the collaborator to check the next day may be too slow. Additionally, switching between the document and your chat can become time-consuming. This is where the preview button comes in handy when you share documents in a chat. On clicking it, the document will open as a preview while the chat is moved to the side. This way, you can view the entire document while still collaborating in the chat.

Search within files

We've all lost files or images we shared long ago to the endless depth of the internet. Obviously, most of us don't remember the name of the file or image that we shared (especially those of us who name our files with one character—how do you expect us to remember that image named a.jpg?). But our team was determined to find a solution. Studies have confirmed that people are more likely to remember the content of the image or file than the file name. So we included a small optional parameter in the global search, "filehas," which uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR). 

This parameter will let Zoho Cliq scan the texts inside the files as well. So, if the keyword you are searching for is present in the file, that file will also show up in the search results. 

Quickly add people to chat

Most of us add another user to a chat with the "Add participants" feature. Some of you might know that when you mention a user who is not part of a chat, you get a quick option to add them to the chat. But did you know that there is a much quicker way to add users to a chat without breaking the chat flow? Simply type "+" followed by the user's name to swiftly add them to the group chat. It functions similarly to @mentions, but differs in that it adds the user into the conversation.

Peer-to-peer file sharing

If you have ever shared a large file, you know that Zoho Cliq enforces a file share limit of up to 1 GB. But there's a workaround for this. You can use the peer-to-peer file sharing method to share any file you want. This method has no size limit. The only requirement is that the receiver be online as well.

Chat shortcuts

There are a few shortcuts while texting someone that could be immensely helpful for you. Here are some of them:

  1. Double-tap any message to reply to that particular message.
  2. Use the up arrow to edit your last message in a chat. After that, you can also press escape and enter to delete that message.
  3. If you had executed a slash command last, you can use the up arrow to reuse the same command.

Quick feedback

Encounter a bug or glitch during your chat? Or perhaps you have a burning question about how something works? Don't worry about disrupting the flow of conversation or having to close the chat window. Simply type "/feedback" into the chat and this will directly open up a feedback form. This quick command ensures that you can send your  feedback to us without any interruptions while working. 

So, go ahead and use "/feedback" whenever you need to share your thoughts or seek assistance. We're here to listen and assist you every step of the way.

Filter unread messages in the mobile app

To finish it off, I'll let you in on a secret shortcut in the Zoho Cliq mobile application. If you have multiple unread messages you want to check up on, you can filter them out by clicking on the chats icon twice. This will showcase only the unread messages. Clicking on the icon again will get you back to the normal chat page.

By unlocking these hidden shortcuts within Zoho Cliq, you're not just saving minutes—you're reclaiming precious moments to focus on what truly matters. And remember, this is just the beginning. There are plenty more hidden treasures waiting to be discovered within the application. With Easter just around the corner, I hope you'll enjoy hunting down these shortcuts!


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