Pro tips: Four ways a client portal can enhance customer experience

This is a guest post by Zportals.

Building and maintaining relationships is the cornerstone of running a business. At the same time, managing all your communications via email can get overwhelming and time consuming. Here are four ways a client portal can help you save time and enable your customers to access necessary data.

1. Simplify data collection during client onboarding

When integrated with a CRM, a client portal can simplify data management during onboarding. Users can directly update their account information in the CRM—which typically collected via numerous emails—through the ZPortals extension. The portal can also feature embedded Zoho Forms, which can also be used for robust data collection and updates. This makes it quick and easy for clients to keep their information up-to-date and mitigates repetitive data entry.

 2. Streamline content management

Users can easily share files or folders attached to a CRM record with clients through a client portal. Clients can also upload documents or pictures to a file field through the portal, which is useful if you need to get a copy of an ID or request a list of documents from a client. The reverse is true if you need to send documents back to your clients.

To learn more about document requests and sharing, check out this post.

3. Optimize billing operations

Making payments and accessing invoices and financial statements is a breeze for CRM users thanks to the Zportals integration with Zoho Books. If your organization uses Zoho Billing, clients can also subscribe, change plans, or update their payment methods through their client portal as well. Integrating billing into your portal makes self-service easy for clients and can improve turnaround time on invoice payments.

4. Execute secure data transactions

Using the Zportals for Zoho CRM extension, which integrates with several Zoho apps, a client can enable single sign-on to help users sign into one client portal and access their user profiles for several applications. To ensure data security, businesses can also customize their client portals to display only select CRM data to specific users.

Start your journey towards a secure, optimized, and seamless customer experience.

Try the Zportals extension for Zoho CRM.


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