Navigating the workday with Zoho Cliq's task management capabilities

As Monday dawns and I settle into my workday with a steaming cup of coffee, I brace myself for the usual storm of tasks headed my way. I remind myself that staying organized is critical. Let me take you through a typical day, highlighting how I maximize my resources and ensure I don't miss anything on my list.

I start my day with a cliche: sifting through my Zoho Cliq messages and emails. While replying to some of my colleagues who messaged me over the weekend, I hear a gentle ping. It's a reminder, prompting me about an upcoming vendor meeting. With a quick glance at the agenda shared earlier, I note some key points in the meeting thread, ensuring there is enough context for the meeting.

Minutes later, I gather the team for our scheduled weekly session. As we have a hybrid model, our colleagues from the East Coast office join us virtually for a lively interaction using the Rooms app. We discuss the latest project milestones and ideas regarding the launch of the new version of our app. 

During the discussion, I map the project for the launch to the Launch channel in Zoho Cliq so that everyone can keep track of the tasks and issues assigned to them. I also explain to them that if any topic-centric conversations are required, they can use the Zoho Cliq chatlet from the respective task or issue itself, thus streamlining the discussion

With the launch less than a month away, we all agree that timely updates are crucial in sticking to timelines, so I configure the Projects bot right away to post updates on a weekly basis. As we progress, Tina raises a concern about having too much on her plate. To resolve this, I simply use the slash command /projects @Tina to pull up her tasks. I then use /projects to pull up my own tasks to see if I can take some tasks from her load. 

During this discussion, John shares a crucial insight that would greatly impact our plans for next year. With a simple click, I star the message as a Follow-up so I don't miss it later. 

As we disperse from the meeting and the day unfolds, I am knee-deep in project tasks. With deadlines approaching at the speed of light, every minute counts.

At a time like this, scheduling messages is a blessing that helps me compose messages in advance and send them at specific intervals. This helps me give timely updates without disrupting my workflow. After I schedule these messages, it's time for my meeting with the vendor. 

During the meeting, I use the Cliq Notes to add the "to-do" items and share it with all participants. While discussing the list of deliverables, Rita from the vendor's team mentions how they have integrated Asana with Zoho Cliq to manage their tasks. 

She then asks us about our experience using Zoho Projects and custom tools we built using the Developer Platform as an alternative. We tell her that even if she doesn't use Zoho Projects, Zoho Cliq has built-in task management capabilities that the team could use. Additionally, we tell her about how the schedulers we set up for weekly reporting and the bots we built for tasks like submitting requests have helped us manage a lot of our time efficiently. I think it's safe to say that she was impressed with how we have managed to maximize our resources.

After the meeting, I start winding down for the day and move on to re-checking my meeting to-dos and adding them as projects so I can keep further track of them. This keeps my work more organized and makes my mornings easier and stress-free so I can start tomorrow with a clear list of tasks.

And just like that, Zoho Cliq has made a dreaded day of managing tasks a breeze.


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