Productive and organized conversations are here: Say hello to Threads in Cliq


When messaging in busy Cliq channels, it's common for people to miss messages that need attention. Additionally, when you are trying to follow up on another message, there could be other updates being posted by teammates, which can be distracting or make it harder to contextualize the subject you want to discuss.

We have come up with a way to make this entire experience better and make it easier to have more productive discussions in Cliq. Our latest update helps you bring relevant messages together, discuss them with the necessary context, and arrive at a consensus more efficiently.

Announcing Threads in Zoho Cliq: a smarter way to have productive and organized conversations.

How do Threads work in Zoho Cliq?

Let's say you have recently worked on a case study and you want to share it with your team to get their feedback, so you post the message in your team's Cliq channel and wait for people to reply. In the meantime, other teammates message their own work updates. That means when someone addresses your case study, their responses are displayed chronologically in the channel and not in-line with your particular message.

To eliminate the hassle of having to scroll back and forth to view the feedback replies for your case study, you can use threaded replies. When you reply to the case study in the thread, it will succeed the parent message. Further replies in the thread will be in-line with the parent message, ensuring that the context isn't lost.


Want to try it out for your organization? Open channel permissions and change the reply mode to "Threads." You can also give specific permissions for admins, moderators, or members to reply in threads.

When can you use threaded replies instead of normal messages?

If you are wondering when to use threads for conversations and when to respond with normal messages in a channel, here are some examples: 

  1. If you have a separate channel for announcements, people can respond to announcements posted using threaded replies to keep the channel clear for other announcements.

  1. Most organizations have a channel for addressing support tickets. Usually the ticket notifications are automated in channels, and you can collaborate, discuss, and resolve tickets using threaded replies.

  1. Use threads when you want to give feedback on work items, such as when someone shares an illustration they worked on recently, a blog post that went live, or a customer question that needs to be addressed.

  2. Instead of creating short-lived groups or channels, you can drive discussions on events, campaigns, product releases, contests, and more with conversation threads in existing channels. This helps reduce channel clutter and keep your online workspace in Cliq organized.

What can you do with Threads? 

To start a conversation thread, all you have to do is reply to a particular message in the thread. Once a thread is initiated, there are other activities that can be performed in that thread.

- Follow/unfollow thread to stay in the loop

If you come across a thread that needs your attention, hop into the conversation by following the thread. You will start getting notifications for messages sent in it. You can unfollow a thread if you don't want to be a part of it anymore. 


- @mention a colleague in the thread to get their attention

Want to loop in a colleague whose expertise is required? Tag them in the thread to automatically add them to it. They will now be notified when messages are sent in the thread.


- Set up meetings with members who are part of the thread

You can schedule meetings or make instant calls to people following a thread. This way, others in the channel will not be disturbed and you can get work done with the people you need.


- Choose how you want to view your threads

Comfortably access the threads you follow by choosing your preferred view. You can view threads under Chats, as a separate section in your left pane, under Conversations, or inside your parent chat.


- Don't miss out on any threads

Stay updated on all threads initiated inside a specific channel by turning on the auto-follow option. You can also view and search for all the threads available in a particular channel.


- Close threads that are no longer active

 Once a conversation thread has reached a conclusion, there is no need to keep the thread active anymore. Close inactive threads to stay organized and make way for other threads that require your attention.


In addition to these activities, you can forward messages from threads and also share threads using the permalink. You can learn more about Threads in Zoho Cliq in our help center.

We would also love to hear your feedback on Threads as we are constantly working to improvise your Cliq experience! Let us know what you think in the comments or write to us at We'll see you soon with more product updates.


4 Replies to Productive and organized conversations are here: Say hello to Threads in Cliq

  1. Hi! This looks like a great feature! We mostly work with Cliq, using chats generated from Zoho Projects. Can we also use threads in those? If yes, how do I activate? Thanks! Lieven

    1. Hi, Lieven! I'm assuming you are talking about the bottom chat bar that is available inside Zoho Projects. If yes, threads can be accessed from this space. All you have to do is open Channel Permissions for the particular channel from " rel="nofollow ugc">, and set the Reply Mode as "Threads". Once that is done, you will be able to reply in threads to messages in the channel.

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