Introducing Vantage Circle for Zoho People: Motivate your employees with rewards

Employee engagement and motivation have always been top concerns for organizations. HR leadership has experimented different ways to keep up with the trend. Of all those, rewards and recognition play an integral part in increasing motivation levels.

A Gallup poll shows that 65% of employees haven’t received any form of recognition in the past year. Rewards and recognition are great ways to start.

That’s why Zoho People has teamed up with Vantage Circle.

Vantage Circle is a cloud-based SaaS rewards platform that enables you to recognize good work with gift vouchers and rewards from a variety of collections. The integration syncs all the necessary employee details with Vantage Circle, enabling seamless management. Here are three ways Vantage Circle and Zoho People can help build a positive work culture.

 #1 Effectively manage performance

The first step to setting up your rewards and recognition platform is to identify what behaviors should be rewarded. Managers need a comprehensive understanding of each team member’s performance. The integration between an HR software and rewards platform helps you track performance and all other HR operations while also supporting engagement.

 Zoho People enables managers to track performance, assign goals and KRAs, run appraisals, and provide instant feedback. This helps managers identify good performance, reward the individuals, and have all the insights right within their fingertips.

 #2 Automate processes

If your team finds itself working more on repetitive tasks to keep your rewards and recognition program running, you’ll miss out on deeper strategies that’ll help boost the motivation and engagement that your R&R plans to achieve. What can a Rewards and Recognition system like Vantage Circle automate? 

  • Streamline managing budgets and take care of employee reward points and reward redemptions.

  • Unlike traditional processes, you have a wide range of reward options that employees can choose from to accommodate where employees work from and their requirements.

  • Provides reports and analytics which can help you analyze and improve your program.

 #3 Build a culture of recognition

The biggest part of building a culture of recognition and appreciation is influencing employees and managers. Providing them with the right tools can increase the adoption rate and set a clear path to weave into the way your organization works

Vantage Circle has a variety of reward options that you can choose from along with peer-to-peer recognition with leaderboards and on-the-spot recognition, promoting healthy competition.

 Vantage Circle and Zoho People

Investing in the right technology can make all the difference in the way your organization operates. Together with our HRMS and Vantage Circle’s excellent Rewards and Recognition system, you’ll be able to take employee motivation and engagement to the next level. To know more about the integration, check out Zoho Marketplace.


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  1. Thank you for the very helpful material. The development of a reward system is very relevant now, as well as during the quarantine a lot of employees feel down. This is a great way to increase employee engagement and loyalty. At least, I want to note it`s very important this system should be based on clear indicators and it shouldn't provoke excessive competition that can ruin corporate relations. So, it`s very important to use the right way for tracking employee activity.

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