Reducing customer churn at Zoho Cliq

The key to a healthy business is not just acquiring new customers, but retaining existing ones. This goes beyond merely boosting profits and growth—it's about enhancing customer engagement and strengthening the brand's image.

To improve your retention rate, it's important to analyze why customers stop using your product or service. Understanding the churn rate, its contributing factors, and how it impacts your business can help you build better customer relationships.

Customer churn refers to the percentage of users who discontinue using your product over a specific timeframe. This churn often arises from challenges such as complicated user interfaces, poor customer experiences, and other factors that hinder user satisfaction.

How does Zoho Cliq reduce the churn rate? 

We at Zoho Cliq follow the processes below to make sure that our customer relationship is as solid as it can be. You'll get all the support you need to have a seamless experience using our product.

1.  Intuitive user experience 

Have you ever wondered why our product feels like it's tailor-made for you? It's the result of our product management and UI/UX design teams actively gathering your valuable feedback. We dive into data through comprehensive analysis, checking out how you use our features, understanding what you love, and observing your usage patterns. This iterative process is integrated into various stages of the product development cycle. The end game? A product that's simple, user-friendly, and boasts an intuitive UI that enhances your overall experience.

2. Feedback  

If you have thoughts to share, you can head to our user panel and send your feedback. Our support team promptly addresses this feedback, and our team considers it a direct line to enhancing our products.

3. Access help resources 

When you're on a quest to find instant answers on how to use a feature and navigate the user interface, our resources will guide you with all the information you need. Imagine it as our product encyclopedia, categorized into help articles and blog posts that provide you with everything you need to know.

  •  Comprehensive knowledge base 

Our knowledge base is your go-to library of articles, always there when you need it. Whether you're a user or an admin, you'll find how-to guides, FAQs, troubleshooting tips, onboarding insights, and integration guides—everything you need conveniently at your fingertips.

  •  Customer engagement initiatives 

Stay in the loop with our monthly What's New updates, where we give you insights on our latest releases.

Additionally, read our blog posts every other Tuesday, where we cover a range of topics that enhance your understanding of our product.

Remember to mark your calendars for our monthly webinars, where we'll show you how to get started with Cliq and cover other product-related topics.

  • Strategic social media presence 

Catch all our announcements, feature talks, and updates on our social media channels:  LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. It's our way of staying in touch with you and reaching out to a wide range of users.

 4. Community collaboration 

If you are interested in diving into discussions, getting your queries answered, and sharing suggestions, what better way to engage than our dedicated forum community? Our desk bot immediately notifies us in a dedicated forum channel whenever you post or comment on our posts. From there, we chat with our team, brainstorm, and craft optimal and prompt responses, thus fostering seamless and engaging interaction within our community.

 5.  Responsive customer support

Sometimes, you just want to connect with a real person to get your issues sorted out. That's why our customer support team is here 24/5, ready to chat, email, or even jump on a call to assist you.

Connect with us effortlessly through the "Chat with us" feature in the app's Help section. This interactive bot promptly forwards your message to our dedicated support team, and you can have a live chat with them.

For a more personalized experience, reach out to our support team via email at Our team will get in touch via chat and, if needed, through one-on-one calls or screen sharing sessions.

At Zoho Cliq, we listen to you and ensure you receive unparalleled support and access to customized resources. Through this customer-centric approach, Zoho Cliq attracts new users and ensures its existing customers' satisfaction and retention.


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