Say hello to Cliq's PiP mode

We at Zoho Cliq have rolled out the awaited picture-in-picture (PiP) mode for our calls and meetings. PiP is a multi-window mode that allows users to browse material on the main screen and switch between apps while watching a video in a small window pinned to the screen's corner.

Evolution of PiP  

A close-up image of the Olympic flame was inserted during the opening ceremony of the 1976 Summer Olympics using a Quantel digital framestore device, the first PiP. Later in 1983, Philips introduced picture-in-picture technology to its high-end television sets for the first time. From then on, PiP mode has been used on news channels, sports channels, and most visual media.

When it comes to providing employees with options to engage in video meetings while interacting with other work apps, PiP offers a robust solution and delivers a better user experience.

Benefits of PiP

One significant benefit you get from using PiP mode is efficient time management.

Say, for example, you want to look for data that has been requested during an ongoing meeting. Instead of pausing the meeting to find or searching for it later, you can scale your meeting window down to a corner of the screen and access the app with your data in real time.

As a result, you stay attentive to the meeting while getting the necessary context. You can also move your PiP window to any tab you'd like to complete tasks simultaneously. This minimizes the effects of context switching and ultimately enhances your user experience.

Try the picture-in-picture mode in Cliq, and let us know your feedback in the comments.


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