SF staffing firm Alan J. Blair uses Zoho Workerly to elevate productivity

Alan J Blaire workerly testimonial

The talent landscape is always changing, and that poses a set of challenges for staffing companies. They have to keep pace with the latest recruitment trends to meet both client and candidate needs, all while recruiting top talent and managing financial records like timesheets and invoices. 

San Francisco's top recruiting firm Alan J. Blair chooses Workerly

 Alan J. Blair (AJB) is a premiere staffing firm in the San Francisco Bay Area that provides temporary, temp to hire, and direct hiring services for administrative roles. They also offer executive search support. Known for their seamless screening process, they worked to maintain the same quality of service for clients while facing obstacles brought on by the pandemic.

 The CEO of AJB, Bradford Mattin, says that Zoho Workerly has eliminated hours of paperwork and helped the firm keep temporary employees engaged during challenging times. Workely has also replaced five of their software solutions, including QuickBooks.

What does Zoho Workerly do?

 Zoho Workerly is an end-to-end temp staffing solution that enables users to schedule temps, manage digital timesheets, generate invoices, and close jobs faster. With Workerly, you can match the right candidate to the right job, get the candidate's approval before assigning a job, enable them to check in through the mobile app, generate paperless timesheets, and promptly manage invoices for on-time payments.

Implementing Zoho Workerly

The most difficult part of implementing new software is assuring accurate data input. Bradford Mattin notes that Zoho Workerly allowed AJB to easily import its over 20-year-old client database from its prior system.

Zoho Workerly shrinks five hours of work into 45 minutes

AJB can create invoices with the click of a button and import them directly into Zoho Books, where they generate weekly invoice reports. Before Workerly, they had to manually enter hourly and weekly billing into a spreadsheet, use third-party software to import the spreadsheet into QuickBooks, and then spend hours creating individual invoices.

AJB's final thoughts on Zoho Workerly

Bradford Mattin recommends Zoho Workerly to any recruiting firm, large or small, citing its affordability and complete customizability.

See what AJB has to say about Zoho Workerly


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