Tapping into the contingent labor market

contingent labourMore and more people are seeking out short-term gigs in addition to their day jobs. As freelancers, contractors, temp workers, and part-time workers, they can earn more money, explore different avenues, and find opportunities that match their skill sets.

This trend turns out to be beneficial for companies as well, as it cuts down on training time and reduces long-term staffing costs.

Three  reasons to tap into the contingent labor market 


A contingent workforce allows you to scale without complicated commitments. You can hire additional staff when necessary and maintain a smaller, core workforce during the quieter times. 

Time and cost efficiency 

Contingent workers take less time to hire, and since they often already possess the expertise needed to perform well in the role, they can easily be brought up to speed. Hiring from this pool of workers can also save your company money, as it reduces overhead costs. For instance, contingent staff members don't require paid leave or other benefits that full-time employees receive.

Access to specialized skillsets 

Freelance workers tend to have highly-specialized skill sets. They can offer new perspectives to your company and act as a great way to diversify your workforce.

Can your company benefit from the contingent workforce pool? 

Contingent workers can be a great addition to your existing workforce, especially if your organization has the following goals and demands.

Opportunity to explore a new market 

Taking up a new project without knowing the potential return on investment can be daunting, and it could place additional burdens on your full-time employees. Temp workers and freelancers can help you explore new market opportunities without overworking your existing staff. This also gives you the opportunity to hire industry experts who might be too expensive for you to employ full-time.

Global expansion  

When you're looking to expand your company and reach the next level of growth, it might take some time to hire and train the right full-time employees. In the meantime, temp workers can help you fill in the gaps, as they take comparatively less time to onboard and train.

Seasonal increase in work  

 If your organization experiences seasonal increases in work, temporary staff can help you fill in the gaps and keep your full-time employees from experiencing burnout.

Employees on leave 

If one of your employees has to go on a long-term leave, you can hire temp workers to take on the role for a specified amount of time.

Hiring contingent workers   

Sourcing contingent workers is not so different from sourcing traditional employees. As always, it's important to make your work opportunities easy to find for job seekers.

Be sure to create a brand persona that is inclusive of temp workers and independent contractors. Attract your target audience by sharing the qualities of your existing workforce, and show them how working with your company will enhance their professional growth. For example, you might highlight specific opportunities and learning experiences, along with your company values, like a strong work-life balance and a commitment to recognizing great work.

As with every good hiring practice, you'll want to stay proactive and forecast your need for new demands. It's best to source candidates through staffing agencies, freelance marketplaces, and related platforms. You can even reach out to candidates through special social media groups for the freelance community.

You can also communicate with candidates that you've sourced for other jobs and ask whether a contract opportunity would interest them.

Adopting an efficient contingent workforce management system 

A comprehensive system is essential when managing contract workers, especially if you are pressed for time. It's important to create a strategy for how you hire, onboard, manage, and incentivize your temporary staff. This may involve adopting a more project-focused interview and onboarding process so that your workers can start producing value for the company more quickly.

Software tools can make this process more structured and efficient. Zoho Workerly makes it easy for companies and staffing agencies to hire and manage temp workers. Assign work, track timesheets, maintain staff records, and record the unique expertise that each person has brought to your company.

Zoho Workerly helps you foster a strong relationship with all workers, so you can obtain more referrals and facilitate more collaborations in the future.

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