All new Zoho Workerly 2024

Staffing businesses around the world face a unique set of challenges when it comes to managing their temporary workforce. With a constantly shifting job market and changing staffing needs, these businesses need a reliable workforce management system. In 2019, we introduced Zoho Workerly to the world. With its intuitive platform and powerful features, Zoho Workerly has already helped businesses across the globe streamline their hiring process and manage their workforce more efficiently.

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Zoho Workerly is your assistant for all your staffing needs. It can help you manage shifts and timesheets, assign job to the right people, and generate invoices to send to your clients, all in one easy-to-use platform.

The all-new Zoho Workerly 2024

We're thrilled to announce the latest updates to our platform: a brand new user interface packed with new features and enhancements that are sure to revolutionize how you manage your temporary workforce. From advanced scheduling features to billing capabilities, these new features are designed to make workforce management more accessible and efficient. Get ready to meet the future of workforce management.

The roster view

Zoho Workerly's new roster view allows you to change schedules on the fly. For example, if a worker calls in sick or cannot make it to a shift, you can easily reassign the shift to another available worker. This level of flexibility and real-time scheduling management is essential for staffing businesses that need to adapt quickly to changing staffing needs.

Moreover, Zoho Workerly provides both a temp and job roster view that enables you to manage both your temp workers and jobs with maximum efficiency and ensure that both your client's and worker's needs are met.

Module customization

You can make the entire Workerly app work your way by customizing the modules you want to appear on your screen based on what fits your company's strategy.

Custom temp data fields

Customize all the data fields in your client's job request based on their requirements. Your clients can offer payment based on job rate, temp rate, or task rate, and include details such as billable breaks.

There's also another update: If clients inform you that the base pay has changed for an ongoing job, you will be able to edit the rate and also mention if the change is only for forthcoming timesheets or for the entire job. Small adjustment, but great impact.

Enable clients to create jobs

Forget emails for sending in job requests. Your clients can now directly create job requests and approve timesheets on the Zoho Workerly platform. This way, you can minimize the back-and-forth communication involved, and leave little to no room for miscommunicated information.

A separate portal for your temps

Workerly helps you establish complete transparency. All you need to do is invite temps to sign up for Zoho Workerly's temp portal via email or SMS, where they will be able to find matching jobs, view all the details of the job, a calendar, and timesheets. Your temps can also check in and check out through this portal with a geo-tag, enabling you to track attendance in real time.

To top it off, you can set up a mandatory photo-taking process for check-in (verified with our proprietary facial recognition technology), enable pre-check-in that allows workers to check in on their way to the job site, configure shift reminders, automate timesheet submissions, and enable early timesheet submission.

Efficient management of temps and jobs

Is your worker unavailable to fill a certain shift? You can now easily find replacements based on skillset, base pay, and experience.

You can also easily find matching jobs for temps based on the exact same criteria and added filters to find jobs with your worker's most convenient shift timings.

Task-based billing

A single job might have different tasks. For example, the job of a nurse is to complete various tasks like record medical history, monitor patient health, and operate equipment. You can now define multiple pay rates for those individual tasks. With Zoho Workerly, these tasks can be defined to one job, and each task can have different pay rates.

Keep your jobs flexible

Does your job not require a specific timeline or shift? With Workerly, you do not have to predefine shifts. Maintain the job's flexibility to schedule shifts in accordance with client requirements as they arise.

Effortless invoicing

Workerly's new edition allows you to export timesheets in bulk as a PDF. Moreover, when you get a Workerly paid subscription, you get Zoho Books as a free add-on. With this integration, you can easily export timesheets to Zoho Books and generate invoices, which can then be directly exported to your payroll management system. With our new update, you can even generate invoices weekly, and keep better track of timesheets by tagging them with the corresponding invoice number. Making this an effortless way to manage payments.

Custom functions

Create your own functions within the product based on your unique requirements by executing simple program scripts. With custom functions, you can program scripts using Deluge Script.

Mobile apps

Zoho Workerly now has three mobile apps: Workerly for temps (the Worker app), Workerly for agents (Zoho Workerly), and the Kiosk app.

The Worker app will make sure your temps have a streamlined working experience when it comes to accepting and declining jobs, clocking in and out of shifts, and submitting timesheets directly from the app, thereby eliminating manual paperwork.

The Kiosk app can be installed directly at the job location, specifically for workers who do not own a smartphone. Thanks to our proprietary facial recognition technology, the Kiosk app lets you track your temps' time accurately at the client's location.

The Zoho Workerly app is for agents like you to manage the entire temp lifecycle easily. With its powerful tools and intuitive interface, the mobile app for agents enables efficient workforce management anytime, anywhere.

Wrapping up 

Zoho Workerly is packed with powerful features that make it the ultimate solution for managing temporary staffing needs. From seamless integration with other Zoho apps to powerful automation tools and advanced reporting capabilities, Zoho Workerly has everything you need to manage your temporary workforce with ease and efficiency.

Try the all-new Zoho Workerly today!


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