Sleighing collaboration challenges with Cliq

The holiday season, often marked by joy, celebration, and delicious food, also comes with challenges when involved in team management or work. These challenges could involve distractions, erratic vacation schedules, gaps in communication, year-end deadlines, and more. Working through the holiday season as an employee or a manager involves carefully balancing between maintaining productivity and respecting the festive spirit. An important factor in achieving this balance is to use the right resources. Zoho Cliq is a valuable tool for facilitating collaboration, significantly contributing to this balance. Let's discuss some features that could come in handy during the holiday season. 

Streamline your holiday hustle 

With schedulers, you can automate the planning of tasks, meetings, and events during the holiday season. Schedulers help prevent the last-minute rush and ensure that everything is organized.

For example, imagine you're part of a marketing team that's racing against the clock, working on a critical year-end campaign during the holiday season. Schedulers are like your pit stop crew, ensuring a well-coordinated race. They can be used to schedule collaborative sessions, consolidate availability checks, set up automated reminders for key milestones, send reports within deadlines, and adjust meeting timings according to availability. An efficient crew ensures a smooth and successful race.

Schedulers are also helpful in maintaining healthy work relationships. You can use them to send your holiday wishes in time, schedule polls or games at the right time, and more.

Bring the festive cheer to life 

Amid the festive season, when teams may be spread across the world or navigating erratic schedules, connecting virtually helps maintain productivity, collaboration, and joy. With the right tools, you can facilitate virtual celebrations, team bonding, and efficient holiday planning sessions. Within Cliq's diverse array of features, such as Meetings, Live Events, and the Rooms application, lies the power to unite individuals seamlessly.

Equipped with amenities like noise cancellation and seasonal backgrounds, and powered by AI capabilities like meeting summaries and Zia—your AI-powered assistant—Cliq's Meetings feature is helpful when individuals balance work deadlines with cherished moments with family. The Rooms application specifically helps bring hybrid conference room meetings to life and provides the immersive experience of an in-person gathering.

While establishing productivity is essential, the holiday season is also about celebrating together. The Live Events feature helps bring people across different places together in celebration. Employees in New Delhi can enjoy a Christmas celebration in the New York office. In this way, Cliq helps in collaborative work and transforms the holiday experience by bringing people together regardless of their physical location.

Spread the joy 

The spirit of the holiday season is found in people coming together. Cherish the festivities by sending custom emojis and stickers that capture the joy, and share holiday greetings with your colleagues. Cliq's integration and AI capabilities, amongst others, are significant assets in making this easier. You can use the OpenAI integration to generate creative greetings, utilize the video message option for a personal touch, and let our writing assistant help you craft resonating messages. You can also use integrations to conduct virtual games and activities that can be themed around the holiday season, like Secret Santa.

Find the balance 

Being productive is important, but so is striking a balance with spending time with your loved ones and rejuvenating for the new year. Utililizing the DND mode when spending Christmas morning with your family, the auto-response feature to let people know when you're on vacation, and updating your status to let people know about your availability are some ways to find this balance.

In the excitement of the holiday season, Zoho Cliq stands out as a true ally. It boosts productivity, as well as fosters a sense of togetherness, ensuring that the holiday season is both efficient and fun. From Cliq, we extend our wishes for a happy holiday season and healthy new year!


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