Simplifying your expense management with the Splitwise extension for Zoho Cliq

As a business collaboration app, Zoho Cliq simplifies workplace communication. For example, markdowns enable you to highlight specific information in a long message, and threads help everyone keep track of key topics. Install extensions, and you can do much more than just communicate in Zoho Cliq. 

One of the many add-ons available in our marketplace is the Splitwise extension. Splitwise makes it easy to split bills and manage shared expenses. It helps you track, share, and settle shared costs. 

Keeping up with bills and conversations

Let's say you're on an official work trip with your colleagues, and there are lots of shared expenses. You keep track of all these expenses using Splitwise. You're also using Cliq for work-related communication. As a result, you're frequently switching between the two apps.

Ideally, you'd be able to bridge the gap between expense tracking on Splitwise and related communication in Cliq. This is where the Splitwise extension for Cliq comes in handy.

What do you get with the extension?

With the extension, you get access to the following Splitwise features:

  • A bot that helps you smoothly interact with Splitwise.
  • Shortcuts to add expenses and sync channel members with group members directly from a chat.
  • The ability to generate an expense from a message.
  • A user-friendly view to perform all operations made through Splitwise.
  • Automatic weekly expenses along with their stats.

We have a help document that delves deeper into the technical details of what the extension provides and how to use it. Feel free to check it out for a more detailed understanding. 

Manage your expenses or discuss them? Why not both?

No more juggling apps

The number one perk of this extension is that it reduces the need to switch between different tasks. Smoothly add an expense to your Splitwise account right from your Zoho Cliq chat window with the relevant person. It's multitasking made easy! 


This brings us to the next advantage: collaboration. Say you're chatting in Zoho Cliq with a colleague about your recent trip, and they mention covering the cab fare to the airport. Instead of interrupting the flow by opening Splitwise, searching for the group, and adding the payment manually, you can simply use the slash command shortcut right from the chat window.

Or better yet, use the Splitwise message action on their message to directly add it as an expense without any disruptions in communication.

No more group chat FOMO

When it comes to group travel or work trips, and you're coordinating with several people, chances are you've got a channel dedicated to that specific trip. As the planning progresses, different people may be added to the channel. Adding them to the Splitwise group becomes an extra task. 

With a simple slash command shortcut, you can effortlessly sync all the people in your Cliq group chat and add them to your Splitwise group. By mapping the channel with the Splitwise group, you establish a connection and get real time updates directly in the channel whenever an expense is added, updated, or deleted.

Keeping up with expenses like a daily soap opera

If you're the type of person who likes to keep a keen eye on what's happening, worry not. Through the scheduler, you can receive daily or weekly notifications that neatly summarize all the recent expenses within the group. No more uncertainty about missing out on any expense—it's all right in your notifications, keeping you informed and in control.

Pies are much more interesting than numbers

In addition to its convenience, the Splitwise widget also offers a visual treat: a pie chart view. This gives you a clear and engaging breakdown of expenses. With just a glance at the pie chart, you can quickly understand your spending trends and make informed decisions for the group. 

Forget about time-consuming financial management; the Splitwise extension for Zoho Cliq provides what you need to effortlessly handle your group expenses. And the cherry on top is that it's ready to be installed with a simple plug-and-play action from our marketplace.

If you want to save time and experience the convenience of managing expenses in one place, try the Splitwise extension.


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