The importance of secure communication in UCaaS

In an age of digital transformation, it's safe to say that data is the new oil. Naturally, its protection and privacy have emerged at the forefront of business priorities. Security is critical in a company's communication system, through which most business processes take place. With the emergence of UCaaS, it is essential to understand the associated safety and security protocols, especially when choosing a provider.


It is crucial to ensure that your UCaaS provider maximizes your privacy by keeping your conversations encrypted. This encryption is for the messages and voice data in transmission and at rest. This is to ensure that there are no hacks or leaks that would put the company's data at risk. Encryption is thus the basis for secure communication.

Role-based security

Your UCaaS provider can protect your company's data through role-based security. This feature essentially restricts access and control to your data based on the employee's role and responsibility. Using this consent to access data and being able to revoke access instantly ensures that sensitive data doesn't spread easily and remains available on a need-to-know basis.

Strong password policies

When your provider sets strong password policies for the company to follow, it helps curb security risks. Password policies are conditions your provider sets that employees must adhere to when developing their passwords. Keeping these conditions strict ensures that all employees follow a consistent process when selecting a strong password. This, in turn,ensures that third parties cannot access your company's data.

Data privacy for integrations

With UCaaS providers offering the option to customize the experience with integrations, ensuring security with each of these integrations is also important. Consent-based data access for third-party extensions and integrations helps you take full control of what each extension requires access to and how the data is utilized. By keeping track of this, it's easier to make decisions about the necessity of access.


Regarding data privacy, there are standard guidelines and legislation to protect company and personal data. A UCaaS provider's compliance with these guidelines is crucial and ensures that your communication is secure. One such important regulation is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is an EU data protection and privacy regulation that enforces strict handling and processing of EU residents' data. Adherence to this and other such guidelines is crucial for your provider to protect your data effectively.

Compliance is also important when it comes to developer extensions. This means that all code developers submit for extensions should be reviewed before publishing to ensure that customers' personal data is not misused.

Securing your future communication

These points are essential considerations when opting for a UCaaS provider. It's also best to look for a provider with a reputation of providing strong security systems. Backed by Zoho's commitment to user privacy, Cliq is a UCaaS solution with several benefits. With Cliq, you'll always be in the know.


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