Unveiling Zoho Cliq 4.0: It's time for smart work


A new year, and an even better Zoho Cliq. With every passing year, we work towards improving your Cliq experience. This year, we are ahead of schedule with our updates. 

Say hello to Zoho Cliq 4.0, here to make work smarter. The latest release unifies the entire collaboration experience through a new phone system, along with smart features in Cliq meetings, additions to our Cliq platform for superior custom app building, and performance enhancements to boost your productivity. Plus, admins get more power to customize Cliq for their entire organization. Let's take a tour!

Introducing Cliq's very own phone system

We are taking the "UCaaS" road. In an attempt to unify communication, we are introducing a phone system inside Zoho Cliq. You can choose between our in-house phone system, Zoho Voice, or integrate your own contact center like Twilio, RingCentral, and similar phone systems. Once integrated, you can use Cliq to connect with your customers, and make and take calls directed to your online contact center.


Smart meetings are the way to go

Cliq meetings have undergone multiple enhancements to help you connect better from anywhere. With this release, we now support the following features:

  • The all-new Cliq app for your TV: Your Android TV can now efficiently host Cliq meetings with the Cliq app. Just download the app and get connected on the big screen. 


  • Share presentation during meetings: Enjoy high-quality presentations during meetings. Instead of sharing your entire screen, just upload your presentation from Zoho WorkDrive during the meeting and get going. Other participants will be able to navigate through the slides as you present so they don't miss key points. 


  • Get system alerts if you speak while muted: It's common to start answering a question during a meeting, only to realize you've been on mute the whole time. Zoho Cliq will now notify you by highlighting the mute button in red, so you can be constantly aware of your presence during meetings. 


  • Seamless call continuity between devices: Communicate on the go by transferring calls between your desktop, laptop, mobile device, and even your car. This way, if you are attending a Cliq meeting on your mobile device and there's a sudden need to share your laptop screen, you don't have to end the call just to restart it from a different device. Simply pick up where you left off by joining the ongoing call from your laptop.


A whole new level of customization

Take control of the way your organization uses Cliq. Admins can now customize the navigation sidebar to rearrange, hide,or show modules according to the organization's requirements. If you have an internal app that you want your entire organization to use, you can push it to the navigation sidebar for better visibility. 


Overcome language barriers while you communicate 

How great is communication when it transcends all borders? With Zoho Cliq's automatic chat translation, you can choose the languages you want translated and continue conversations without any issues. This means if your native language is English, but you have a regional team located in Spain, you can set up chat translation so that all incoming Spanish messages will be translated to English and vice versa.


Your important messages are always in sight

Cliq lets you star important messages so you can go through them later. Now, you can locate a specific starred message ina group of messages with the Starred Messages search bar. You can also filter messages based on the conversation.


Pick and share WorkDrive files right from your chat window

Sharing files from Zoho WorkDrive can't get easier than this. Directly attach files from WorkDrive to a chat, manage permissions for the shared file, and even attach the file to an email right from your Cliq chat window. Configure sharenotifications for WorkDrive files to display in the sender's chat window or send through Taz, or turn them off entirely in the Profile & Settings module. 


Annotate images when you share through mobile

Quickly mark up images and highlight the key details. Add text and shapes, mark a particular section with the pen, or blur details when you share files from the Cliq iOS app. 


Effectively manage your internal apps

Admins can now manage all the internal apps created in their organization from the Resource Management tab in the Admin Panel. Assign owners, mark a bot as inactive, or delete items that are no longer required for your organization. 


Take a step forward with Cliq platform updates

The latest additions to our platform are aimed at improving your experience with building custom tools in Cliq.

  • Kiosk mode for widgets: Get better access to your widgets in Zoho Cliq with the all-new Kiosk mode.


  • Map view for tracking updates: Build custom apps in Cliq with a map view. For instance, if you are building a cab-booking app for your employees, you can configure the map view for users to track where the cabs are located.


  • Form view handler:Access forms using a permalink and share them with others. For example, if you'd like to collect employee feedback about workplace policies, you can generate a QR code for your survey form and include it on posters placed around the office. Once employees scan the QR code, they will be able to access the form and submit their feedback. 


  • Catalogues in forms: Build booking and ordering apps that require inventory management with the latest catalogue component in Form Builder. 


Enjoy the new desktop version

Our desktop app for Zoho Cliq now supports multiple tabs for chats belonging to an account in one window, so you can view chats in org account and networks simultaneously. You can also quickly switch between accounts and keep tabs on all your notifications with the multi-account login feature. 

Our performance improvements

We have also made some performance updates for instant attachment upload for files in chat, and also reduced the time it takes to load the chat window during meetings. 

Other enhancements

In addition to these larger updates, we have made other minor enhancements to our product that enable admins to export data in PDF format, continue conversations as you preview an attachment, respond to messages by minimizing the dialogs, and check when your colleagues were last seen on the app, along with bug fixes to improve performance. 

Give our newest features a try and let us know what you think by tagging us on social media. We've got more in store coming soon—keep looking out for our next announcement. 

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Note: The Zoho Voice integration in Zoho Cliq is available only for the US and EU data centers as of now.


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