New in Zoho Connect: Projects integration, board templates, and more

It’s no surprise that we, at Zoho, use our own software to get work done. Through the years, Connect has proven to be one of our most used platforms for discussing and working with anyone in our organization, regardless of their location or title. As such, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve Connect and simplify the way work is done—and here are a few new additions that we think can do just that.

Projects on board

With Zoho Projects integration, you can now convert your conversations into actions. Create new tasks in Projects, directly from any of your Connect conversations, and start tracking their progress. You can also view and access tasks from all your Projects portals in Connect.


It’s ShowTime for Connect

Team meetings and presentations often go hand-in-hand. Start a free-flowing dialogue with your team using ShowTime integration to deliver your presentations and training. Let your team post their questions and run polls to arrive at a quick consensus. And if someone’s out of the office, you can let them join the meeting remotely.


Why fix something that’s not broken?

Say you run a design company that delivers creatives to clients. Most of your projects would follow a similar workflow, and sometimes you end up re-creating them from scratch. With board templates, you can simply pick any of your existing project boards and re-use them anytime you want.


Invites, your way

Connect’s external networks are a great way to collaborate with partners, vendors, customers, and any other outside stakeholders. We now provide customizable email invites that you can tailor to fit your particular brand. Add a custom message to give people a better idea of what your network is all about.

The dashboard completes the picture

Whether it’s a company announcement, a newsletter, or an open-house discussion with top management, forums help keep everyone in your network on the same page and talking freely. We’ve provided a dashboard for forums so members in your network can keep themselves updated on the most discussed posts, categories followed the most, people who’ve been actively posting, and a lot more.


We’ve also given the iPad UI a facelift, adding the highly-anticipated landscape orientation plus a whole lot more.

Access Zoho Connect to give our updates a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or drop us a line at We’d love to hear your suggestions on what you’d like us to work in to Connect next.

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6 Replies to New in Zoho Connect: Projects integration, board templates, and more

  1. Hello there. Thank you for Zoho Connect. Did you know that it is impossible to open a Zoho sheet in the File app of Zoho Connect (black screen) ? All the best !

  2. Hi, It would be more useful to have Zoho Projects connected to CRM so that tasks can be related to clients. Is this something you are working on?

    1. Hi, thank you for the feedback. Zoho CRM and Projects are integrated. For more specifications, we would be happy to connect you with someone from the Projects team.

  3. Hello, one key feature missing is folder level security in Connect Files. Having the ability to control access to individual file folders is really needed for our operations. Regards, Ed

    1. Hello, Edward! Thank you so much for the suggestion! We do have plans of providing a deeper integration with Zoho Docs, we'll try and address this through the integration. If you do have more suggestions on how you'd like this feature to be, you can write to us at

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