Something big is happening in the world of software

Dear Customers,

Some of you may have seen our full-page ad in the New York Times this Monday, June 4th. The ad was for Zoho One, a single suite of apps that we call the Operating System for Business. Many of you have upgraded or purchased Zoho One since it came out in the second half of 2017. We wanted to write directly to you—our customers—to share the motivation behind the ad and to thank you for your support.

Our commitment to Zoho One comes from years of using it ourselves. Or at least many of its constituent products, even before they were actually integrated as one. Each of Zoho's 5,500 employees uses our office apps (Writer, Show and Sheet), Zoho Mail, Zoho Cliq, and other collaboration tools. Our sales and marketing teams use Zoho Campaigns, CRM, and Zoho Social. Our support teams serve customers using Zoho Desk. We hire people with Zoho Recruit, manage them with Zoho People, and balance our books with Zoho Books.

Technology can be transformational, especially when it becomes instrumental in building company culture. Consider decision-making. Some companies, like us, firmly believe that decisions simply get better when they get made lower down. But this tenet can only work when it is supported by technologies that allow critical information to percolate up and down the organization, piercing boundaries and skipping ranks.

Tools like Zoho Cliq and Connect make this possible. They foster collaboration. They allow the formation of ad-hoc SWAT teams with the diversity and experience to solve new problems, or handle unpredictable exigencies. They pull in and present real time information from other business apps, like CRM, People, and Books, to improve the quality of decisions. As our ad says, they provide “the full picture to do this right.” They allow a digital marketer to chat with the CEO before making a decision. Or exactly the other way around.

The right technology supports a company culture. Then, it cements it.

We have seen this transformation in our own company when we started using all our own tools. We make decisions differently. We find talent differently. We solve problems differently. In fact, this New York Times ad provides the best example. It was executed by an ad-hoc team. Until it was written, the writer was unknown.

We want our customers to have the same experience that motivated us to bring these apps to market, together, under one suite—Zoho One. And the reason we priced it so aggressively was to allow any company to transform itself.

Friends, something big is happening in the world of software. And we’re making it happen together: Zoho, along with its customers. Thank you for being with us on this journey.


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  1. Vijay, I truly believe and use a Zoho One. We have switched all the softwares we use to have and we are very happy with the new possibilities to handle you business. However, we have to say that local partners in Brazil _ at least the one we have - are not committed with the culture we have seen you guys showing us. Theu access your data and deny to sign NDA agreements and, moreover, do not tell the truth about their expertise. In fact, this special partner even lie about his address. I really would love to have a chat with your LATAM or INT Director if you have one.

  2. Great article. Zoho One truely is transformational. The ease of use and powerful automation capabilities helps businesses better serve their customers by empowering employees with the tools they need for quick access to information. Businesses that leverage Zoho technology are more competitive and successful. Well done Zoho! Keep up it up. Cheers, Miguel

  3. We are a new Zoho One customer and I'm astounded by what you are offering. Just so you know, there are definitely some of us who appreciate what you have accomplished here. It's going to change our business.

  4. Congratulations ! I am a Zoho One user and I am glad to see that other companies small or big are starting to see the real benefits of this bundle of softwares.

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