Zoho Creator is LIVE NOW!

You may notice something special about Zoho Creator now.

We have quietly and completely moved out of the closed beta test…into a public beta.
Now everyone can visit Zoho Creator, browse popular / public applications, copy them and customize to their needs or create their own application from scratch.

We are delighted to report that during the private beta we got 1000+ registrations, 400+ applications created from scratch and countless of them being copied (well, some for testing and some for use).

Let me give you a quick update on what we were working under the private beta wraps.

  • Create application using a template
  • Create View with pre-set criteria
  • Add Tags to your applications
  • Filter, Search and Rearrange Columns in Views
  • New Skins
  • New UI
    and loads of enhancements everywhere…

Some of the feedback we received during the private beta test:

“ZohoCreator which lets end-users create simple web applications with no coding knowledge can certainly be put into the innovative bucket.”
~ Phil Sim, http://squash.wordpress.com

“It’s pretty safe to say that a tool that allows anyone to create a web application to their own requirements is pretty darn useful.”
~ Stephen, Shadows in Motion

“Zoho Creator makes it remarkably easy to create very simple tracking applications, and parent-child relationships are handled so well you don’t even need to know what that means to use it.”
~ http://brainpipe.wordpress.com/

“I have given it a try and I love it. Works great. I love how you can make the application public. Nice work.”
~ Brian Benzinger, Solution Watch

We thank all the beta testers and the bloggers who gave their feedback and made the difference.

Thank you indeed!
~ Roughic


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