Search based UI Navigation, Toolbar customization & more

We had an update yesterday that introduced this new concept of search based UI navigation. Just type in a few words of what you would like to do in the ‘Search’ box of your Zoho account. You will be provided with link(s) that take you to the respective destination(s). The screenshot below shows the links for exporting your Zoho Writer docs to pdf/sxw/word formats.

Finding all those toolbar buttons a triffle too much? You can customize the toolbar now. Select only the buttons you use frequently.

Many of you had asked for easier handling of email IDs when you share docs. Zoho Writer now allows auto-completion of email IDs.

You can also ‘Insert’ from a set of email IDs.

When you post to your blog from Zoho Writer, there is this limitation of time being set to PST. WordPress bloggers can now have the time of posting set to their localtime.

Update: To answer Snyder’s comment, posting below a screenshot of where the timezone can be set. (click on the ‘Options’ link at the top-right & then click on ‘Account’)


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