Zoho@Zoho: Zoho Creator Team's Call Logging App

Most of you Zoho Creator users know Ruben well enough without me having to introduce him to you. He, together with Akash and Latha, supports Zoho Creator users when they hit a roadblock while designing their applications. With 400,000 users (and counting) to serve, we expect to face at least 100 requests on any day, and most of the days the number is well beyond that. Despite the support team’s undying passion to be of best help to our customers, the process of logging the ticket status tends to becomes monotonous with time. What would be ideal to maintain such a heap of data, but a Zoho Creator application? And who else knows the use-cases really well to come out with the perfect application? When we started off, one of the motives was to divert the valid leads to the sales teams of the respective service, but as we went on building this application, more custom needs started showing up. And we went on to handle most of those support related requirements in this application.
For every support call we answer, there is more to it than just metrics such as duration of the call. Simply using these material parameters to measure the quality of the call does not give us the entire picture, because they never are stable. What do these metrics do but cripple the quality of support provided? Yet, it becomes significant to keep track of these factors for analysis and projection. That is just what this application is for. Even more, as a matter of fact. It not only records the purpose and happenings during the call, but also looks up our CRM data, returns alerts if the contact is already present, prompts to save it if it is not saved yet and a whole lot more. In addition to auto-populating the necessary fields from the user details repository, this application is also capable of assigning the ticket to another member of the team for follow-up. This assignee would be notified by an automated email, triggered by this application. Integration with Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics has considerably increased the application’s functionality.
Assuming a real-life scenario, what would you do if you have a hardware failure on your new computer that cost you a fortune and a half? Call the toll-free line hoping for a replacement, naturally. But imagine getting bombarded between various departments, wrong queues as they call it, not once but multiple times. Nothing short of a moment of misery, I presume. Well, we’ve attempted to address that concern too. If you reach Zoho Creator Support instead of the intended Zoho Service Support Department, we notify the respective support team of your contact, and they call you; That’s how this application has added value in it’s own way, to the way we provide support.
Portraying these line-of-business apps here is an initiative by Zoho Creator to bring about an awareness of a simple online solution to your otherwise-complex, unique needs. This time, never mind the “this-took-us-a-day-to-develop” and “has-saved-us-time-and-money” part of the story. Try this application. If you have built an online application like this, for your rare use-case, share it with us if we may know. You too, are welcome to be a part of this empowering initiative.


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