Close More Deals Using CRM

Joe Apfelbaum, CEO of the online marketing company Ajax Union tried many other CRM applications before he discovered Zoho. He admits that with most of the other CRM applications he was overwhelmed with all the features. And even with all those features, he still couldn’t customize the application for his needs.

That was not the case with Zoho. To get the application to work for him, Apfelbaum worked with Zoho support to get all the features he needed, such as web forms, auto-replies, and custom proposals. These features and more were all specific to his business.

I spoke with Apfelbaum at the Small Business Expo in New York about how he got started with CRM. While he’s happy with Zoho today, he wasn’t always a Zoho customer. He used to manage all his contacts on Excel spreadsheets.

“Now we’re organized in a way that will make us much more successful as opposed to having data scattered all over the place,” said Apfelbaum.

Apfelbaum’s advice on why to get started using CRM

“You have to start using CRM. You’re going to be able to close more deals. Be on top of what’s going on. Be able to make it scalable and really take your business to the next level,” said Apfelbaum. “There’s no other way to do it other than having a proper CRM and having everything documented properly. There’s no other way.”


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