Converting Wufoo Webform Contacts into Leads in Zoho CRM

This is a brief tutorial on using Wufoo Webhooks to add leads to Zoho CRM, based on the original post by Andrew Taylor – WordPress Developer.

If you’re using the online form builder Wufoo along with Zoho CRM, you’ve probably already come across the challenge of integrating the two. Maybe you’ve created a contact webform with Wufoo and want to automatically turn those contacts into leads in your CRM. And because Wufoo doesn’t integrate with Zoho out of the box, there are a few extra steps you need to take. But we’re here to point you in the right direction.

Wufoo is an online form builder that hosts the database, backend and script for storing and analyzing your data. And with an open API, you can integrate Wufoo forms with third party applications that do not already have built-in integrations – for example Zoho CRM. Here are some basics:

  • After you’ve created your form in Wufoo and want to integrate with Zoho CRM, you’ll need to set up a Webhook and write the script in PHP, Python, etc. For direct access to the sample Wufoo WebHook script to add leads to Zoho CRM, click here.
  • You’ll need the correct Zoho API key, which you can find in our API guide.
  • From there, you can reference the form fields by API and define the lead source to pass to Zoho CRM. Note that you must convert the data into the correct XML format, which you can read about here.

Of course, you can change specifics and expand upon the above steps to customize the process to fit your form/data needs. If you’re already familiar with Wufoo, Zoho and PHP, please refer to this in-depth tutorial by Andrew Taylor of Advice Interactive Group. With complete knowledge of both Wufoo and Zoho APIs, Andrew walks you through the integration process, step by step:

Using Wufoo WebHooks to add leads to Zoho CRM

Additionally, if you’re looking for other tools to help you integrate Wufoo with your CRM, check out Zapier.

When generating new leads, we understand the importance of smooth and easy operation, so we hope the above links are useful. Happy integrating!


2 Replies to Converting Wufoo Webform Contacts into Leads in Zoho CRM

  1. So... my only question (so far) is... where do I upload the file once it's been created? I don't have a server from which I can upload files... would it work being hosted at my Google Drive? Where else could I upload it and make it work?

  2. I love Zoho. But, I wish Zoho would get some better forms that I could use. I need to make changes to the contents and descriptions in the form. It's not easy in Zoho. Otherwise, I love the product.Ryan

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