Find Nearby Customers On the Go

A customer meeting wraps up ahead of time, leaving you with some time to kill. Making the best use of the time in hand,  you connect to the Zoho CRM App in your Smartphone. And in a single tap, your contacts and prospects near you are displayed on the map. In a few more taps, you can schedule a meeting and even get the driving directions to the customer’s location!

Wow! All this is just a few seconds. Thanks to ‘Find Nearby Customers’ option in the Zoho CRM App for Mobiles.

Find Nearby Customers on the go

The latest offering from Zoho CRM App for Mobiles is the ability to locate your customers in and around your current location. With the help of the Location Services in your Smartphones (iOS, Android and Blackberry), the app detects your customer’s location within a specified radius from your current spot.

And that’s not all! You can view the customer’s details, send emails and even make a call to the customer. Now that’s true CRM on the move!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Zoho CRM App for Mobiles from the iOS App store and Android Google Play store now!

For more information, check out our Online Help.

– Radhika


20 Replies to Find Nearby Customers On the Go

  1. This feature is great but only works on our leads not on our contacts (we changed contacts to clients). When we search clients nearby me nothing shows and the map icon on individual clients is greyed out?

  2. Is it possible to filter the leads/contacts that are displayed on the map? I don't want every single lead and or contact displayed. I may only want to visit a subset. I read the faq, and it says:"The records shown in the map is not based on the list view that was selected before selecting the Leads/Contacts Near Me option."How can I filter the leads so that not every one appears on the map?

  3. @Kent
    Glad to know that you like our new feature.
    Our Development folks will explore the possibilities to show contacts on the map in other areas too.

  4. I love the “Contacts near me” feature. Its the reason I chose this service. But is there a way to show contacts on the map in other areas? For example, if I know I am going to be in an area, I’d like to plan some stops ahead of time. Or at least search for contacts based on the town they are in.

  5. Dear All ,I need a solution if i wanna to import a pool of data ( about 22000 Leads ) as a one patch & distribute that leads later ..Thanks.

  6. Hello Shihab,Yes, we do support Blackberry devices. Check out the help documentation for steps to install Zoho CRM on your Blackberry.Importing records into Zoho CRM is limited to the editions. You could check this link for more information.

  7. Hi… I could not find out this feature from my devices (it’s android – samsung galaxy note). Can you please advise, how to find this functionality?

  8. Hi I really love the idea of this but can you tell me what address field it uses to search I would have thought it was the postcode. the reason I ask is I have some contacts that are displayed on the map and some others that just wont I have changed the distance settings and re entered the addresses but still they refuse to display. Is there a way to re-fresh the data on my mobile device.Thanks Steve

  9. Hello Steve,This feature can locate only the contacts available in your device. You can manually download your contacts from the device.If the contacts are available and within a specified radius, but they are not located on the map, then please check for abbreviations in the address fields such as TX for Texas and CA for California.Radhika

  10. Hello Jay,This feature is indeed in our Road Map and we’ll keep you posted on the release. For now, you could tap the details page of an account and select Locate Address on Map option.Radhika

  11. Hi Peter,This feature is available on blackberry devices with OS 5 and above.
    Quick steps to access this feature,
    1. Open Leads/Contacts List screen.
    2. Hit Menu and select Leads/Contacts Near Me option.

  12. Can you please add this feature where you can find accounts on a map? Sometime we may have 10+ contacts at one location and it would be so much better to see the actual facility locations.Thanks!!

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