Working on-the-go just got easier: Introducing the all new Zoho Writer app

Work is no longer confined to the four walls of an office. You can get called by your manager to review a file while you are at the movies or asked to share the latest copy of the sales report when you are shopping in the market. Sometimes, you also get hit by the ‘Eureka’ moment for the blog idea that you have been thinking for weeks when you are stranded in a middle of a lake, fishing!

So, what do you do? How do you get to your files without dropping everything you are doing and rushing to your office or home?  We have the perfect solution –  a brand new Zoho Writer app. And yes, your very own pocket online document editor is now available on your iPhone too!

zoho writer for iphone

So, forget scribbling on notepads and get started with Zoho Writer. Here’s what’s new:

1. Ability to Create Documents

While previously, you were only able to view and edit files in your iOS device, you can now create new documents and sync them to your cloud accounts. That way, all your files are available wherever you are, accessible from anywhere, and can be created in just a tap!

2. Enhanced Dashboard for Easy Access

The dashboard is now clean and more organized to help you find what you want easily. With quick options from the dashboard, you can pick templates, access cloud accounts and manage your settings in a snap. The editor interface has also been redesigned to make it more spacious, thus improving the readability of the content.

3. More Options to Share Files Instantly

Getting the word out is easier than before. While earlier it was only possible to share files via email, now you can export documents to any format you want and share them using the apps installed in your phone. You can Airdrop it to your Mac, share it on Facebook, or add it to your Evernote account. The choice is yours!

4. Print-Friendly Options

Now you can print your documents straight from your smartphone or your iPad. No matter where you are, you can send out documents for printing to your home or office printer.All you have to do is tap the print option in the app, select the printer, and have your printed copy-ready at the printers.

5. Import and Export Documents Easily

With improved functionality, it is now easier to hop between formats and work across platforms. You can pull documents from your Zoho Docs or Dropbox accounts, or import an MS Word or RTF file and start working on it. You can even push or upload documents on your phone or tablet to the cloud accounts and sync them. With the latest enhancement, you can now use Airdrop to download, or share your documents from the nearest iOS device or a Mac.

The new update is now available in the Applestore, use the below link to download or update your app. Get started now, and let us know what you think!



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