Spreadsheets - Love 'Em Or Hate 'Em, But You Need 'Em

“The project deadline is on 10th of February 12:00 PM!”, screams row 1 of your open spreadsheet. Like you needed to be reminded, again. Several rows down, in $G$28, the expense for Dec 2014 is blank. It’s your job to figure this out. Three columns on the far right display a rash of “#REF”! Just when you thought you had your formulas figured out.

Spreadsheets present sleepless nights to millions of managers, accountants, consultants, analysts, and entrepreneurs. They demand your meticulous and scrupulous attention to detail. Satisfying when right, unforgiving when wrong. No other document is frowned upon or mocked more by professionals.

But just imagine the alternative — the world without them! Every business plan, every report, every piece of analysis just becomes impossible to create, or share. Terabytes of unorganized data will make nightmares of your dreams. Vacations may recede into the distance.

One big innovation that Zoho Sheet has brought to the vilified spreadsheet is workflow and collaboration that makes your life a lot easier. We’ve built it right into the sheet. Consider how the production department at Cal Western Chemicals uses Zoho Sheet to drive communication between their various production units. Here’s their process:

  • Cal Western has nine production units that collaborate with each other to deliver a production order.
  • The Production Scheduling department directs the workflow between other departments. The Lab gets the formula ready for the product, the Component Count department checks the requirements, the Mixing department puts the components together and Quality Control ensures that the products created are according to the set norms.
  • The created products are then billed and delivered to the customer.

All this is made possible by the real-time collaboration and extensive sharing features within Zoho Sheet. From management to accounting, from billing to book-keeping, the spreadsheet is the ultimate go-to tool.

Yes, the spreadsheet has been at the receiving end of jokes and cartoons. Yet, it is at the heart of any business, making it impossible to run one without it. It is sometimes a foe, other times a savior. But thanks to Zoho Sheet, it is always getting better.

Try out Zoho Sheet and see for yourselves how it can enhance your productivity, simplify your workflow and streamline your business. Watch out for more productivity and collaboration enhancements from us as we continue to innovate to ease your workflow. Get it here now.


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