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Zoho Sheet

9 Quick and Easy Tips Every Zoho Docs User Should Know: Part 3

We started the series with the productivity tips from our online document management solution – Zoho Docs followed by Zoho Writer. Today, we will master...

Zoho Docs 3 min read

Spreadsheets – Love ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em, But You Need ‘Em

“The project deadline is on 10th of February 12:00 PM!”, screams row 1 of your open spreadsheet. Like you needed to be reminded, again. Several...

Zoho Docs 2 min read

Zoho Office Integrates with Google Drive

Recently we have seen our friends at Google open up their SDK for Google Drive letting third parties integrate their apps into Google Drive. We...

Zoho Gadgets 2 min read

Faster macros for your spreadsheet!

We have made a significant update to the VBA Macro Engine in Zoho Sheet. Your macros could now run faster by up to 75% than...

Zoho Sheet 1 min read

How the UK Govt and a Wildlife Reserve are using Zoho Sheet

With this post, we’d like to showcase two completely distinct but interesting ways in which Zoho Sheet is being used. 1. Data.gov.uk Uses Zoho Sheet’s...

Zoho Sheet 2 min read

New in Zoho Sheet: Insert Buttons, XLSX Support, Time Zone Preference

Zoho Sheet underwent an update last week with some cool functionality. Here are the new features in this update: Insert Button: Buttons which trigger VBA...

General , Zoho Sheet 1 min read

Zoho Calculator?!

Well, it’s not a new product from Zoho. At Zoho we have a tradition of fun Saturdays. A lot of our products sprung roots from...

General , Zoho Gadgets , Zoho Sheet 1 min read

Microsoft Excel 2007 (XLSX) Support & Other Enhancements In Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet underwent few updates in the last couple of months after our Freeze panes update. Here are the highlights: XLSX File Format Support We...

General , Zoho Sheet 1 min read