Collaborative Spreadsheets on Your Smartphone

No matter where you are, Zoho Sheet now allows you to carry your spreadsheets with ease and collaborate in real time with your team, using your mobile devices. Be it an iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, tablets or an Amazon Kindle Fire, we’ve got you covered.

We’re happy to announce the Zoho Sheet app for iOS and Android, after designing, refining and molding it to best suit the respective devices. Now, experience uncompromised functionality and plenty of features for your daily spreadsheet tasks in the palm of your hand.

Organize Your Data Efficiently

File listing, sort, and filter in Zoho Sheet.

Create large data sets using the Zoho Sheet mobile app, and sort and filter your data for an uncluttered view. Access the right file in an instant. Manage your files as effectively as you manage your data.

Break Down Your Numbers

What’s the use of a spreadsheet app if it can’t help you perform calculations? With more than 350 functions, Zoho Sheet makes your budgets and data analyses powerful and accurate.

Teamwork Anywhere

The best teams use a mix of ideas, people from different regions or cultures, and a lot of connectivity. Stay connected and work in real time with your team, no matter where they are or what devices they use.

PS: You can share your spreadsheets as Microsoft Excel, .pdf or .csv files too.

Visualize Data

Charts in Zoho Sheet mobile app

Bring your data alive with our vibrant range of charts. View them in full screen, choose to filter out series and analyze your charts with at most comfort and accuracy. Additionally, observe data patterns and trends with conditional formats and icon sets, on your smartphones.

Quick Access

Shortcuts, quick access and 3D touch in Zoho Sheet

From the App Shortcut and Collection widgets for Android to the widgets in iOS’s Today View, Zoho Sheet supports the device-specific features that make it easy for you to access your files.

Apart from these, you get to experience interactive features inside the app, such as making phone calls or messages from inside the app, and even locating Zip Codes in a single tap.

Zoho Sheet is individually tailored for web, iOS, and Android, and we’ve made sure you get the features that are just right for each device you use.

Just sign in to the app and your Zoho Sheet files will be ready and waiting for you.

Don’t have the app yet? Download now!

Zoho Sheet for iOS  Zoho Sheet for Android


8 Replies to Collaborative Spreadsheets on Your Smartphone

  1. Do you still plan to support Amazon fire devices. I see the app is available on the Amazon app store but you don't provide the link above next to the iOS and Play Store, so wondering if you are dropping support for Amazon in the future.

    1. Hi Glen, Sorry for the delay in reply. There is currently no plan to remove support for Amazon devices. We'll consider adding the store badge to our future blogs. Feel free to write to us in case of any questions or feedback. Thank you!

  2. Just downloaded on Samsung S8. Logged in and I can't see all the spreadsheets I have in the CRM. Only two. Have selected all spreadsheets and refreshed the app but not getting them all.

    1. Hi Maree, spreadsheets created in the CRM workplace will not be listed inside the Zoho Sheet app. You can view, and edit only those spreadsheets that were created via Docs or Sheet directly. We're working on an integration with Zoho CRM with which you can open spreadsheet files in CRM using the Zoho Sheet app, and we'll notify you once it's out.

    1. Hi Mosey, yes, the app has been in the store for a while, but we're formally announcing it now after refining it to best suit the respective OS and devices. Do give us your feedback on the updated app.

  3. Awesome! I have been looking forward to this app for Sheets. It will be much more convenient than having to find a hotspot, open the laptop and then make "quick" changes or additions to a Zoho Sheet. The Zoho Sheet Android App is a tremendous addition to the Zoho Family. Thanks!

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